About the Holly

     My name is really Anamaria, or Ana for short. I am 29 and bi-polar. I live with my mother and brother. It is only recently that I have become obsessed with nail polish. I have mostly pinks in my collection. I need to definitely branch out. My favorite brand is Zoya, but my favorite brush in a polish is Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure. Their brush just applies so easily. I definitely need to buy more.
     I am from California, and have lived here my entire life. Well actually the first five years of my existence I lived in Mexico. But after that Cali all the way. I studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz and got my B.A. in English Language Literature. I love to read. There is nothing I love more than books. (inanimate object wise) I love my family more than books. LOL.
     I am a complete tom boy on the outside. I love to wear jeans and t-shirts. However, I am the biggest girly-girl on the inside. I love to paint my nails. I love jewelery. I love pink, and glitter, and everything shiny. I am also the biggest kid. I don't think I ever want to grow up. I'm the female Peter Pan. :D

<3 Holly.

Ever want to talk, send a shout out, ask a question, feel free to email me @ wendylady222@gmail.com

07/09/11 Edit: My mother died 05/06/11 so now I live with my brother and sometimes with my sister and her family in LA. My heart has been broken. Nail polish and my sister's kids are keeping me alive right now. My mother was my everything. I have to learn to live without my life.

</3 Holly