Friday, August 23, 2013

Zoya Fall PixieDust 2013 Review

*These polishes were sent for review by, all opinions are strictly my own*

Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish Collection

Infused with even more magic and wonder! Because everyone wants more of it... The color experts at Zoya went back to the lab and created six more beautiful, long-wearing textured, matte and sparkle Zoya PixieDust Colors for Fall 2013! The incredible and best-selling formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other.

IMPORTANT PixieDust Application Information -  Do not use a base coat or top coat. Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish. Allow product to dry down completely matte in between layers for full textured effect. The PixieDust textured formula may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely matte. Once dry, the textured finish is long lasting, matte and ultra-glittery!
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REVIEW: As always I am very excited to review for Zoya, even more so when it comes to PixieDust. These have come to be my overall favorite polishes. I have used other brand textured polishes but they can't compare. These, have such a fine glitter that you don't get annoyed buy the fact that you have nitty gritty glitter on your nails. Glitter that we would have, top coated the heck out of a year ago. These polishes are also the epitome of bedazzled. Step out into the sun, and I dare you to stop looking at your nails. 

Reasons why I love this set of colors: 1. they are so easy to apply and dry so fast. 2. They are so forgiving, Dent your nail? Just push it back in place and it looks great. 3. The colors are amazingly tinted. I get the orange for fall, even though we had one for summer. We desperately needed a white. The color that makes this collection stand out, and is a must have, is Carter. It is not a simple jewel like purple. The glitter is, I don't know, it makes the whole polish flash a different color. Like little dashes of pink. Zoya, won with Carter. 

Problems: 1. Removal. You want to soak the glitter and swipe as little as possible to remove. I wasn't paying attention and was rubbing, and the gritty glitter destroyed one of my nails. I had shreds of layers coming off. 2. It does chip a tiny bit faster than cremes, I suggest wrapping your tips. 3. Blues, like always, stain. Use baking soda, water and a Q-tip to remove the stains. 4. This is a personal problem, but I can't understand why Sunshine is blue? 
 Fall 2013 Pixies L to R (Tomoko, Chita, Sunshine)
 Fall 2013 Pixies L to R (Carter, Arabella, Dhara)
 The collage I made with an app of the Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust polishes, made a beautiful picture, I just love it. I think, I love Pixies more than any other type of polish. 
The whole collection swatched for easy viewing. Top left picture I am wearing, Tomoko (white) and Carter (deep purple). Center left, I am wearing, Sunshine (blue) and Chita (green). Bottom left I am wearing Arabella (fuchsia) and Dhara (orange). 
 Natural light, inside a light box. Two coats for Carter, three for Tomoko. 
 Natural light, inside a light box. Two coats for both Sunshine and Chita. 
Natural light, inside a light box. Two coats for both Arabella and Dhara. 

All Zoya polishes are for purchase on for $8, Pixies are $9. 
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Zoya nail polish is also available at Ulta and certain Salons.  

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<3 Holly

*These polishes were sent for review by, all opinions are strictly my own*

Thursday, August 15, 2013

SunKisses Summer VoxBox 2013 by Influenster

I was lucky enough to receive an Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox. Reviews of the four products are below. 

Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair bands. I loved them because they didn't get tangled up in your hair. However, they didn't hold as long as regular bands. They are very pretty, and come in pretty colors. 
My niece in a quick ponytail. 
Dr. Scholl's for Her High Heel inserts. These are sticky and stick to your shoes, and are pretty comfortable. If you wear your shoes really tight, these would make them even tighter. 

Sinful Colors has a new line of polish out, called SinFul Shine. They have made 32 colors that have Gel Tech. It is supposed to have Patent Leather shine and last longer without chipping. It was difficult to apply  because the polish dries incredibly fast! I am also not used to SinFul's brush. It was also hard to get a smooth finish. I will say, once I got a smooth finish, after 3 coats, it really did look like patent leather. Another amazing thing was that this polish lasted about 6 days without chipping. That is a big thing for me. I am really rough on my nails. I would probably buy several more colors. Kind of wish there were a few shimmers, I guess I can add a glitter top coat. 
All 32 colors with Gel Tech available at WalGreens for $2.99.
I received Break Away, in a nice dark sky-ish blue. 

This is what Break Away looked like on my nails. This color, like most blues, stains!!! I had to edit my skin on this photo, just seconds on my cuticles and they were stained blue. If you want to get rid of stains use Baking Soda and a bit of water, the scrub gently. 
This is Olay Fresh Effects BB cream in Light. I am not exactly sure what a BB cream is for, I have it in my head that it is some sort of light foundation. That is what I used it as anyway. It really does even out your skin. I have a lot of redness and this cream evened it out to a uniform lightness (what do people say!!! white? That sounds weird. My skin is peachy. argh. I am going to go with lightness.) This cream is really light, it feels like it isn't even there. However, this will not cover acne. You are going to need something heavier. My chin had just broken out and this cream was pretty much useless for covering the bumps. But it did even out the tone so it wasn't so grossly red. 

No pictures of my face, sorry. Breakouts suck. That is a glob of the cream, that is the color, and above I slightly rubbed it into my skin. 

Thanks for reading. As Always Much Love,
<3 Holly

***I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.***