Monday, January 14, 2013

My Winter Cravings- Cravebox

Winter Favorites Box from Cravebox

Check out the Official Winter Faves Cravebox page by clicking Here!!!

"Winter can be beautiful, but it isn’t always easy. It’s cold out there. And while our daylight gets shorter, our to-do lists sure don’t."

I opened the box and on top were three envelopes and a card/letter explaining what was inside. I love the little blue and white paper confetti that comes with every box. (though I have only participated in two Craveboxes.)
The letter is pretty cute, and below you can see how well everything was packaged. 
The package was 5 lbs, I don't know how they make money on shipping these. 
Inside were some pretty neat products, a full sized bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce, full sized Campbell's Golden Butternut Squash soup, some BelVita cookies, four different samples of VitaBath body wash, and a Mary Kay lip gloss. To be honest I have been so busy during the holidays, I have not had the chance to sample these products and I just opened this box. However, I am pretty happy with it. It was definitely worth $14. 
 I am not really a red lippy person, but I love the glitter in this Mary Kay Lip Gloss. The consistency is nice. It isn't too sticky. 
Awesome surprise Alert!!! I didn't look inside the envelopes for the longest time and inside them were amazing coupons! Coupons for free Pillsbury items and other brands. This pushed this box way over $14. 

I love Cravebox because this is the first subscription service where you choose the boxes you want and pay as you go. You don't like the theme of the box, don't buy it. SO AWESOME!!! So much better than the others out there that I have tried. Also, Cravebox is so worth the money. Each box is either going to cost anywhere from $10 to $15. You aren't even subscribed and there aren't any commitments. So far there have only been 2 themes that I have liked, but that is great, it means there is something for everyone.  

To learn more click HERE!

As Aways Much Love, 

<3 Holly

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