Monday, January 14, 2013

2012 Cosmo VoxBox by Influenster

2012 Winter Cosmo Voxbox by Influenster

The four items included inside my 2012 Cosmo VoxBox by Influenster were; 2 FriXion Erasable pens by Pilot in black and red, Forever Red Perfume by Bath and Body Works, Sea Salt Escape Milk Chocolate Bar by Ghirardelli, and a Venus Embrace Razor by Gillette and a Venus and Olay Razor Cartridge refill. This was one of the best boxes by Influenster that I have yet to receive. Only four products, but four amazing products!

The Forever Red Perfume by Bath and Body Works is $10 for .25 fl oz. That might be the size I got. I prefer the smaller size. You can take it everywhere. Stick it in your purse and go, for those moments when oops, you forgot your deodorant and you stink! I think Forever Red smells pretty good, it smells a little like grapefruit to me. It has a little citrus tint to it. I am not a perfume connoisseur so I can't tell you exactly what is in it. Though, it is a little strong, so be aware of that.
The Influenster card says that the refills for these razors are only $3.50-$4.50 a month. However, I don't think so. I went to Wal-Mart and a package of those Venus and Olay refills were like $13-$16. So, yeah expensive. But you have to buy something, and all quality refills are expensive. I say wait for coupons. I say the Venus Embrace are the best of these two. However, the cool thing is that the refills are interchangeable with any of the handles.

I think this was my favorite item in the box. I love exciting school/office supplies. The card says these are 3 for $4.50. I want all the colors!!! These are the best erasable pens I have ever used. Do you remember those old school erasable pens? They sucked!!! You could still see the writing when you were done erasing. I always hated those, I felt cheated. Lied to. These new FriXion pens by Pilot are amazing. The little rubber thing at the end just makes the ink disappear. POOF! Gone. I can't wait to find these in stores. I want the Neon colors so bad.

The last item in the box was Sea Salt Escape milk chocolate bar with Almonds by Ghirardelli. These cost $2.79, they are a little more at their store in Disneyland California Adventure. Still worth it though. I think this is my favorite of all the Ghirardellli that I have had. Some are sometimes too sugary and I can't eat them, but the sea salt in this kind of breaks up the monotony of all the chocolate. It is definitely worth a try. I wish they had made this in dark chocolate, I know a lot of people who prefer dark. 

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<3 Holly

*Items were sent to me free for review by Influenster

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