Sunday, November 18, 2012

Influenster Beauty Bloggers Vox Box 2012

It is that time again, another Voxbox. This box is Influenster's Beauty Bloggers Voxbox 2012. It is filled with tons of beauty goodies. 
These are the awesome goodies. There was a set of Goody Spin Pins, Kiss Ever Pro Lashes, Vita Bath Fragrance Mist, Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves, NYC Eye Shadow, EBoost Energy powder, and a Bath and Body Works mini candle. I was so over-whelmed with everything. I am so excited to try all these wonderful products. Some I have used  before and others are new to me. 
Kiss Eyeshadow Limited Edition in Dark Shadows $4.99 for compact. Contains Primer, Illuminator, brush and four ombre colors. 
Not You Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair cream $6 for full size. This is for taming your curls. Contains Jasmin and Grape seed. I dunno that I can use this. I have straight hair. :(
EBOOST energy powder $28 for box of 20. I will try this, but I am not so sure. These things remind me of Alka-Seltzer. 
Bath and Body Works mini candle these are usually 2 for $5. I got Mahagany Teakwood, it smells ok, it is a little strong. It is not my favorite of the hundreds of smells that BBW has, but I still like it. I also got a coupon for buying the LARGE candles for $10 each. 
Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin $7.29 for the set, when I first saw this I that OMG what the heck is this thing! So I am a little wary of using this, but I will definitely experiment. 
Kiss Ever Pro Lashes $5.99 for the starter set. Well, all I can think is that this is going to be a mess. :-/
VitaBath Fragrance Mist comes in 16 scents and is $9.99 on their website VitaBath. I got In Bloom and smells like Ivy and Lily. I really liked it. It is really strong so you only need a little. But, I like it. 

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As Always Much Love, 
<3 Holly

*Box and items were provided for review, all reviews and opinions are mine.

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