Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zoya NYFW 2012 Diva: Elisa, Song, Suri

Zoya Elisa
Crimson red metallic

Two coats of Zoya Elisa. 
Sorry for the messiness today, I had a hard time with my nails today. 
Label Shot

Zoya Song
Egyptian blue metallic with a subtle sparkle
Two Coats of Zoya Song
I had a really hard time painting this on, which i unusual with Zoya. 
Label Shot

Zoya Suri
Royal purple metallic
Two coats Zoya Suri

Label Shot

I definitely had a difficult time using these three today. I don't know but the formula on Song was a bit thick and the brush was annoying with the glitter, and it just glooped on the nail. It dried weird and not smooth. Not something I am used to with Zoya. Elisa was fine, I just don't like painting with red because it stains. the formula was fine and it needed two coats to be fully opaque. Suri, was another difficult color, the formula wasn't too bad but it tried to dry too fast. I wasn't a fan of the brush on this bottle. It was hard for me to get into "crevices" without getting polish all over my skin. I guess I just don't like dark colors like these because they aren't forgiving and stain so easily. These were easily my least favorite. However, if these are your colors, they are still pretty. Song is definitely a beautiful color. 

As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

*Polish was sent to review.

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