Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Spring Beauty Vox Box. Yay.

Spring Beauty Influenster VoxBox is here! I am so happy to receive these products to review from Influenster.  The box was loaded with tons of beauty goodies from a full sized body spray from Bath and Body Works to a Soy Joy bar. I am excited to try them out. Let's get to what's inside. 
Inside was a full size Bath and Body Works Body Spray (in Sweet Pea,) Sally Hansen Salon Effects, a small sized Sheer Cover Duo Concealer, a small sized sample of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, full sized ChapStick Lip Sheild 365, a pair of Dr. Scholls Ball of Foot cushions, and a Soy Joy bar in Blueberry. 

  1. The Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist runs about $14.00 and comes in about 20 scents. Mine was sweet pea which is one of my favorite scents. It used to be cucumber-melon but they have discontinued it. I love Bath and Body Works and have been a loyal shopper for about 10-12 years. I am always waiting for one of their awesome sales. They usually have a buy 2 get 1 free...or something. They also have so many scents you are bound to find something that you love. 
  2. SoyJoy bar costs anywhere from $0.99 to $1.29. It is all natural and has real ingredients like fruit and soy. I am not a fan of energy bars. The flavor on these grew on me. It wasn't terrible, but it tasted healthy, if you get my meaning. It was also very dry, I needed water after eating it. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the love of my life of health bars. Also it was kind of small. Odwalla has bigger bars. 
  3. Sally Hanson Salon Effects are usually $9.99, though you can get them for about $8.99 at Wal Mart. They are definitely more expensive at places like Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS. However, Walgreens does run adds and sometimes they have Sally Hansen products on BOGO. I love sally Hansen, I am a huge fan. I especially love their nail strips. I am going to put these on tomorrow and write up a review on them. 
  4. Sheer Cover Duo Concealer is sold in the one month supply kit containing 6 products and sells for $29.99. I first got this stuff in my January MyGlam bag and I loved it. I was super happy to get more in my Influenster box. This stuff really covers up red spots. I love it. It is exactly in my color. This is one product I really like. 
  5. Dr. Scholls for Her Ball of Foot Cushions are about $6, the card does not say but I looked them up. I  owned these about 6 years ago and I loved them. I needed something that would relieve the stress in my foot from the heels and these worked. They are also pretty squishy and comfortable. I am pretty happy to get another pair. Though, I am sad to say, I don't wear heels much anymore. 
  6. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash is anywhere from $6.99 to $8.99 for a full sized bottle. I have never used an Aveeno product before, but let me say, this body wash smells AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to use it. I am sensitive to smells and if something smells bad I need to get away fast, but this...I am in love! I will definitely buy some of this. Oh and it is hypoallergenic perfect for sensitive skin like mine! WIN!
  7. Lastly, ChapStick Lip SHEILD 365 and it is $1.89. It is supposed to protect you from exposure and the sun it has SPF 50+, which is pretty awesome. I haven't used it yet, but I am excited to, I love ChapStick, especially their original Cherry. 
Well thank you for taking a tour of my VoxBox from Influenster. These products were sent to me for review, I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies and all reviews are mine and are unbiased. There will be a couple more blog posts as I review a couple of the products individually. 

As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly 

P.S. That is not the Sally Hansen design I received. My niece wanted them so much I gave her the Zebra stripes for her birthday. I did purchase the Pink and blue stars.


HollyG222 said...

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By jin jit

Yumm!! This looks like a lot of fun box!!! Can't wait to hear your thorough reviews :-D

Shopping Addict said...

You got awesome Sally Hansen strips, jealous.

HollyG222 said...

Um theres a story to that lol....i got zebra stripes.....but my niece begged for the, ....shes a zebra freak and it was her bday....so i gave them to her....i went out and bought those...