Saturday, May 05, 2012

My Glam: March and April

This bag was a little better, it did not stink. It came with two more brushes. Meh. Not impressed. And some fake eyelashes, no glue. So I don't know how the feck I am supposed to put them on. LOL. I will give them to someone who can use them I guess. The Urban Decay Eyeliner and the DermStore Lip Balm are the only things that were cool. The bag was pretty too. Just happy it didn't smell. I can actually use it. Anywho, this was April's bag, an improvement on Feb and March's but still meh.
(Close up of all three brushes together)

March MyGlam
Mini Samples of Keracolor, Pur lisse, Murad Eyelift. A $25 "gift card" and not pictured 3Lab foaming cleanser. I have actually used the cleanser and liked it. The extra was a pouch with a make-up brush.  It has taken me over a month to say anything about March's bag because it sucked so royally. First it stunk! It smelled like gasoline. The make-up brush, the pouch and bag all reeked! It took a month for the smell to go away. I couldn't use a darned thing. So I tossed it all aside for a month. I was PISSED!!! Birchbox was never this kind of crap. 

Secondly, they gave us a $25 "gift card," oh but wait it wasn't really a gift card. It was a coupon. You had to spend 50 bucks. Why call it a gift card? Do you think your customers are that stupid? It was the second month they did this. MyGlam was really starting to piss me off at this point. 

Third, Look at the size of the samples. BIRCHBOX HAS BIGGER SAMPLES!!! I can get those for free by walking into Sephora. Why am I paying $10 dollars for this, Michelle?  Anywho, promises from MyGlam promise better bags so I have decided to stay a couple more months. If it doesn't improve I am out!
(Close up of the brush.)

Anywho, unhappy glammie here. As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

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