Sunday, May 06, 2012

MHAM Day4: GOSH Golden Dragon

Sorry I don't have much to say today. Today is the first anniversary of my mother's death. I am in low spirits. I have pretty much been in mourning for a year. She was my best friend and I don't know how to let go. 

Anywho, here is Gosh's Golden Dragon. I love this color, its is a Green/gold color and I love it. 

GOSH Golden Dragon
Gosh Golden Dragon- 2 Coats

Golden Dragon in Direct sunlight, it was hard to capture.

If you want more info on Mental Health go to or 
If you have an emergency and feel like you might hurt yourself. TELL SOMEONE!!! Call 911. Speak out. Do not be afraid. Trust me. I have been there. Help is a good thing. 

As Always Much Love
<3 Holly


Kari said...

Thinking of you today. <3

As for the color, GOR-GEOUS! I've never even seen a GOSH in person.

JinJit said...


(and that polish is awesome!)

MiagiCat said...

So sorry Ana. My Mom died aged 58 3 years ago so I know how hard it is. You will never let go but I guess you deal with it better over time. I hope so anyway. Remember your Mom today and grieve an take it easy. Hugs to you. Polish is pretty too, this is in my untrieds. Xxx