Saturday, May 12, 2012

MHAM Day 8: Guest Post Got Polish?

It is my honor and pleasure to be writing this guest post for my dear friend, Holly.  This is my first guest post ever and it couldn't be more appropriate for me to be writing this in support of a cause that is so dear to both her heart and mine, Mental Health Awareness Month.  I have suffered from clinical depression my entire life.  It is a near-constant struggle and something I wouldn't wish upon anyone.  Having to deal with a mental illness is difficult enough.  To combine that with the shame imposed by much of society results in a nearly unbearable situation.  Hopefully through campaigns like Holly's to educate and inform people not only about mental illness but the stigma attached to those who suffer, society as a whole will be more tolerant and, dare I hope, supportive to those who struggle every day.

Now, on to the mani.  I recently went to Sally Beauty Supply with a $10 off a purchase of $20 or more coupon that I received form my birthday month.  (I'll be, *gasp*, 39 on May 10th.)  I also had a $5 off receipt coupon from renewing my membership in the Sally Beauty Club (which, for the $5 annual charge is MORE than worth it).  I wasn't sure if I could use both coupons in one transaction but, huzzah, I could!  I walked out with FIVE polishes and a tote bag for a grand total of seven dollars and change!  Among my purchases were several hot off the presses Finger Paints neons, including Silkscreen Green.  Since green is the color of Mental Health Awareness, I thought that would be a perfect choice for this mani.  I decided to combine it with another Finger Paints polish, Twisted, one of their awesome limited edition flaky top coats.  Here are the results:
The bottles

Three coats of Silkscreen Green topped with one coat of Twisted, shot indoors, with flash.

Three coats of Silkscreen Green topped with one coat of Twisted, shot outdoors, no flash.

The formula on Silkscreen Green was a bit challenging.  It was thick and required three coats to even approach opacity, not to mention it took FOR-EVER to dry.  However, I really love the results.  If you're willing to put in the effort and have patience (not my strongest point), it's worth it.  Twisted was much easier to use and dried relatively smoothly.  (I'm not fond of rough finishes.)  Overall, I really love this look.  I'm just hoping that the other neons won't be a difficult to work with.

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JinJit said...

Oh yes, looks like your membership is so worthy!!!
This combo looks wonderful!
The outside picture at first glance, looks like you matted it. Maybe you should? ;-)
Love it!

LuvMyLacquer said...

Too bad the application of this polish wasn't as awesome as it looks. I really like this combo, K! <3