Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mental Health Awareness Mani Day 1: Nubar Reclaim

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Health and Awareness are very important to me as I was diagnosed with a BiPolar disorder 12 years ago. I plan on doing a full month of green manis to spread awareness on What its like to live with a mental illness, What Mental Illness is, and How detrimental Stigma can be to those living with M.I. I would love it if you would join me in this journey. First, some information on what affects me personally, Bipolar disorder. 

The following is taken from Nami.org

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a chronic illness with recurring episodes of mania and depression that can last from one day to months. This mental illness causes unusual and dramatic shifts in mood, energy and the ability to think clearly. Cycles of high (manic) and low (depressive) moods may follow an irregular pattern that differs from the typical ups and downs experienced by most people. The symptoms of bipolar disorder can have a negative impact on a person’s life. Damaged relationships or a decline in job or school performance are potential effects, but positive outcomes are possible.
Two main features characterize people who live with bipolar disorder: intensity and oscillation (ups and downs). People living with bipolar disorder often experience two intense emotional states. These two states are known as mania and depression. A manic state can be identified by feelings of extreme irritability and/or euphoria, along with several other symptoms during the same week such as agitation, surges of energy, reduced need for sleep, talkativeness, pleasure-seeking and increased risktaking behavior. On the other side, when an individual experiences symptoms of depression they feel extremely sad, hopeless and loss of energy. Not everyone’s symptoms are the same and the severity of mania and depression can vary.
More than 10 million Americans have bipolar disorder. Because of its irregular patterns, bipolar disorder is often hard to diagnose. Although the illness can occur at any point in life, more than one-half of all cases begin between ages 15-25. Bipolar disorder affects men and women equally.

That explains it pretty succinctly, but it is so much more than that. It is so difficult to explain what it is like to live with a mental illness. My name is AnaMaria and I have a bipolar disorder rather than being bipolar. I do not let my illness define me. It should not define me. Just like diabetes and cancer would not define those who suffer from those illnesses. Just because my disorder affects my brain rather than some actual physical body part doesn't mean I am not sick. However, I am still a person and should be treated as one. Humanely and with respect. 

Anywho, we have a lot of manis and a long month ahead. There are many of topics I would like to touch on. If any of my readers have questions feel free to shoot me an email and ask. 

Now on to the polish. Today we have Nubar Reclaim, a beautiful green Holo that is mesmerizing in the sun. Everyone should own this!

(Nubar Reclaim)
(2 Coats Numbar Reclaim, in the Sun)
Look at that Holo!!!
So pretty!
Reclaim in the shade

If you want more info on Mental Health go to Nami.org or MHA.net 
If you have an emergency and feel like you might hurt yourself. TELL SOMEONE!!! Call 911. Speak out. Do not be afraid. Trust me. I have been there. Help is a good thing. 

As Always Much Love
<3 Holly


Kari said...

I love you, you know this. What you're doing is really important and I'm very proud of you. xoxo

LuvMyLacquer said...

You are absolutely right! Someone's illness does not define them. What defines someone is their character. I love that you provided info as to what bipolar disorder is. I know a few people who have been diagnosed with this but can never really explain it fully.

I love this polish, it's beautiful!

Painting Rainbows said...

I agree Ana. It's so hard not to be defined by it though, or feel defined by it, or even define yourself by it. I do it all the time and so do the people who experience my illness the most. It's very difficult to understand for people who have never had a mental illness, even for those who have!

JinJit said...

Be strong and keep your good work!

In the meantime I will drool over your last picture...

arfblat said...

I just found your blog and this is awesome! I may have to do my own MHAM mani since it's such a great cause and I really identify with it. I have battled with severe depression and anxiety since my teens (now 25). I'm doing a lot better now but I really know what you mean about not letting your illness define you. It can be hard but, like you say, I'm still a person and should be treated as such, by me or anyone else! Thanks for the inspiration! Also, I am drooling at this holo!