Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Essie and Tom's Barefoot In Blue

Yesterday, April 10th was Tom's Shoes "One Day Without Shoes," day. To promote April 10th, Tom's had an awesome giveaway where they teamed up with Essie and created a nail polish called Barefoot in Blue. They gave away 15,000 bottles of polish. I was lucky enough to win one. It was a total surprise, it just appeared in my mailbox one day. It was my first Essie, and it is a beautiful color for a wonderful company and cause. I love everything Tom's, I have two pairs, and was excited to go a day without shoes. So yesterday, I walked around without shoes, though to be fair I always do. 

Below are swatches of the awesome color on my nails and not my toe nails, because my feet are a "hot mess," as one might say. I hope you like it as much as I do. I absolutely fell in love with this color. 

(Essie Barefoot In Blue, 2 Coats, 1 coat Out the Door)

(The new ring the BF got me ;-) )

As Always Much Love, 
<3 Holly

Sorry, the color will not be sold in stores. 


JinJit said...

Its a beautiful blue! Especially for Spring time :-)

I have no idea what Tom's shoes are like, but I prefer barefoot any day! And i wouldn't mind getting a new nail polish for it too...

HollyG222 said...

Omg toms shoes are the most comfy shoes in the world....and they give a pair to a child in need for every pair you buy....:)