Friday, March 02, 2012

I'm a Glammie! February Glam Bag

February's Glam bag: with a cute hot pink bag with tiny print black hearts, NYX Roll On Shimmer, X Out Shine Control, Nu-Me 100 dollar gift certificate, Freeman Facial Mask Sachet, Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask, and as a gift 2 Ghirardelli Chocolates.

NYX Roll On Shimmer in Light Blue. NYX's brand new, intensely rich, shimmering powder that can be applied to the eyes, face, and body. (Swatched below.) (I think this blue is beautiful, tho I have never used a blue eyeshadow, it is still pretty. I will see if I can make a nail polish with this.)
(NYX Roll On Shimmer in Light Blue)

X Out Shine Control. Stay flawless and shine free with this oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex. (I thought this was pretty good. Will definitely use.)

Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask. Luxury skincare rich in life-enhancing minerals from the Dead Sea waters. (Too expensive for me and I am not sure if it did was only one use.) 

Freeman Facial Mask in Goji Berry, sachet $1.23. Turn your date night prep-time into a soothing spa experience with easy-to-use skin-perfecting masks. (I have not used this.) 

Nu-Me Professional Styling tools-$100 Gift Card. (I was pretty pissed about this. This is absolutely worthless. I don't want or use hair styling tools. If I did I wouldn't buy one that costs $200. The $100 G.C. is a joke. Everything on the site is EXPENSIVE!!! Basically MyGlam gave us a piece of paper for ten dollars. Seriously, MyGlam don't pull this sh!t again. It is sh!t like this that made me leave Birchbox.)
As a nice little gift and surprise for Valentine's Day, MyGlam threw in 2 Ghirardelli chocolates. One in milk and one in dark. Those were pretty good. Overall, this month kinda sucked. I pretty much only liked the NYX roller and the chocolate. Tho, I can go to the market and buy the chocolate and for less than $10. So, overall meh. Oh yeah, the bag was pretty cute. I will give them a couple more months. I am hoping this gift card thing was a fluke. Anywho, As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

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