Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: SinFul Colors Holiday Colors (Image Heavy)

SinFul Colors Holiday Review

(SinFul Colors LtoR: Last Chance, Midnight Blue, Out of this World, Daddy's Girl, Sugar Sugar)

Daddy's Girl
(Daddy's Girl, 3 Coats)
Sheer, Dark Purple, with a reddish glitter shimmer. Opaque in 3 coats. The formula for this one was very thin. The polish would slide off to the edges of my nails, it was pretty annoying. This was not my favorite polish to work with. However, the color is really pretty. 

Midnight Blue
(Midnight Blue, 2 Coats)
Opaque, blueberry blue, the formula for this was a lot better. It went on smooth. However, this stained my nails like crazy, which was annoying. Pretty color though. 

Sugar Sugar
(Sugar Sugar, 2 Coats)
Opaque red, with a slight glitter shimmer to it. The formula was pretty good. Went on smoothly. Did not stain. I liked this one best. 

Out of this World
(Out of this World, 2 Coats)
Sheer silver shimmer. The formula on this was thicker. I definitely like this color. I am not a fan of the brushes tho. 

Last Chance
(Last Chance, 2 Coats)
 Opaque forest green. I have had this on for 24 hours and it has not chipped. No wear around the tips either. That is pretty awesome. Most of my polishes chip quickly, so I will give these polishes that. They have lasting power. Overall, for the price (1.99 at Walgreens) I would buy these. But I would also say it is hit and miss with the formula. I hated the purple one, but the blue, green and red were all pretty good. I do own other Sinful Colors polishes, a neon pink, which was hard to work with, and a glitter which I love. So, like I said hit and miss.

As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

*Polishes were sent for review, Opinions are 100%  mine

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