Saturday, July 30, 2011


Out of Town til Thursday the 4th I believe.....dont miss me too much.


<3 Holly

Friday, July 29, 2011

Colores De Carol Giveaway

Colores De Carol is Having a Anniversary Giveaway....awesome prizes. End soon though.

Enter Here!!!

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*picture from colores de carol

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I won from Body and Soul

Body and Soul had a Friday Follower Freebie on their twitter a couple weeks back. Well, I entered and won.  I won four of the New Revlon Scented Polishes in; Orange Fizz, Colada Fizz, Watermelon Fizz, and Grapefruit Fizz. I just got them a couple days, ago. I just love them. In person these colors are so beautiful and shimmery. I used the pink first, of course, and it looked like mermaid's skin. Or at least how I think mermaid's skin should look. They are super sheer, tho, but I kinda liked how it looked. They would be really pretty over darker colors too. Oh did I mention they smell!!! The pink smelled like a berry. I think. Oh well, it was pretty!!!. 

(Artsy Fartsy Shot)
(Four of the new scented Revlon Polishes)
(Watermelon Fizz---------Grapefruit Fizz)
(Colada Fizz---------------Orange Fizz)
(all four in the sun, they shimmer like crazy)

Yes I know my luck is effing crazy, right? LOL. It's my mom. She's in Heaven trying to make up for not being here. She knows how much of a hard time I am having. :-/ I'm going to believe that. It makes me feel a little better, tho it makes me cry. 

Oh Btw Follow Body and Soul @ 
and on Twitter @Body_SoulBeauty

As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

Hottie Thursday:

So Im starting a new thing here. Hottie Thursdays!!! I will pick a man or a woman (famous) to be my hottie for the week. They will be added to my harem of lovers. ;-) Hopefully, at the end of a year, I will have a drool worthy assortment of eye candy for everyone to appreciate. 

This Thursday we have:

He was last seen with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in The Tudors.
He is our future Superman.
He will soon be seen in The Immortals, a movie made by the makers of 300, so yeah half naked men. *drool*

I've been drooling over Mr. Cavill since I saw him The Tudors. He almost made me forget of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. He's super super yummy. Can't wait for Superman to come out. 

(mmmm dirty thoughts)

Anywho Much Love as Always,

<3 Holly

*the link takes you to his IMDB page

Konad Addict Anniversary Giveaway

Konad addict is having 7, yes seven giveaway, for their anniversary.

You have to enter all seven separately. But they look pretty amazing.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nails By Desire Giveaway

"Yay, it´s time for my first GIVEAWAY!!! And why do I have this? Well it´s for many reason, first I was planning this to celebrate that I hit 50 followers, but now I have 95 AMAZING followers and yesterday my blog turned 3 months, so of course we need to celebrate that too!!! :) "

Click HERE for Giveaway.

Butterbeer Cupcakes!!!

Have you all heard of Cupcake Wars? Yes? Well, one of the winners of Cupcake Wars has settled down and opened up a store here in Santa Clarita. Their shop is called Bake You Happy, and their cupcakes are delicious. The cupcake I had today was inspired by Harry Potter, and is called ButterBeer. This is the description from B.Y.H. "Butterbeer is our Harry potter inspired cupcake. It's a butterscotch brown sugar cupcake with a butterscotch frosting.This cupcake was very yummy and moist. Though, I would have liked a little more butterscotch flavor.  HARRY POTTER CUPCAKE FTW!!!

(mmmmmm delicious nom nom nom)
(Super close up)
(view from the top, LOOK at the Gryffindor colored sprinkles)
(I'm going to dig in now)

Bake You Happy!

"We make custom cakes and cupcakes. If you can imagine it, we can create it! We would love to bake you happy! Give us a call."

Visit them in person to taste their nummy treats @ 23628 Valencia Blvd., Valencia, CA 91355
Visit their website:
Follow their blog:

As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

Review: Violent Lips (picture heavy)

I was just sent some Violent Lips to review, and I am pretty excited. These looked really cute and punkish. I really like the idea of having designs on my lips. I was sent two designs, one "Lt Pink and Hot Pink Stripes", and one "the Red Fishnet." Both are really kinda cool. Pink is my favorite color, so I was excited, and the red ones were kinda sexy. 

I also, went to and looked at their other designs. They have some pretty awesome designs. The Glitteratti series is pretty exciting. I even like the American Flag. I can imagine going outside with that on. LOL. 

The picture below is what the package looks like. I really like the packaging. Cool black envelope, with a hip font and a picture of the design you're getting on the front. Each envelope comes with three sets of lips for varied prices from 9.99-15.95. Right now if you spend $30 you get 20% off of your purchase, with the code  30x20 at checkout. 

(Front of envelope. Picture shows what you're getting)
(Back of packaging. No animal testing)
(Came inside, showcases different styles available)

Well, on to application. First you have to go to their website and watch the how to video, it really helps. Click HERE to watch. I followed the exact steps of the video. I measured, and cut, placed, watered, and removed. Scroll down to read my thoughts. 

(actual lips)
(top lips)
(back of the tattoo lips)

1. Designs are great. 
2. The first several steps are easy enough. Measuring is pretty easy. All you have to do is find out how big your mouth is. 
3. The idea of the tattoo is great. 
4. These are for superficial use only. Don't eat or drink with them on if you want the tattoo to stay pretty. 
5. I think they are kinda cool

1. You only get one chance to place the tattoo onto your lips. You cant really move them once put on. So if you're off centered, too bad. 
2. The paper backing is too stiff, it doesn't give you much leg room. You're trying to put water on the paper and hold on to it at the same time, and the paper comes straight back at you. Lifting up the corners. Its really hard to not to lose your corners. I have put these on twice and have lost my corners both times. 
3. They were dry. Not as smooth and shiny as I would have liked them to be. 
4. After ten minutes, there was like a gooping of the tattoo, and the insides came off, as did the edges.
5. Eating and drinking with these on felt really weird and odd. I didn't like it at all. 
6. After 2 hours, the color had faded.  

(you can see the lower right didnt get covered, but once placed you can't reajust)

(the left top corner started peeling off)
(Just felt like sticking my tongue out at y'all)

Overall, I love the idea. I love the designs. I love the colors. But it is just too hard to get them to cover your mouth perfectly, stay on, and look perfect. They are cool for a novelty, or for going out to a club. I like having them in case I'm going to a dress up party. These are also perfect for Halloween. These are not practical for everyday attire, they are just too expensive. I would not purchase them, unless for a special going out occasion. You definitely need to practice with these, and you just can't. Maybe if they gave you a free practice set of lips, that would be cool. I know doing it the first time was hard.  Also having them on, was just an odd feeling. I also did not like having them goop off. But, don't rely on me, buy them for yourself and see how you like them. :)

Buy lips from:
Follow on Twitter: @violentlips

As Always Lots of Love,

<3 Holly

*Product was sent to me by Violent Lips to review. However, opinion of the product is 100% mine. 

Pink Wednesday: Loreal Drama Queen

Pink Wednesday mani in L'oreal with Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby accent finger. The application of Drama Queen was great and it was not streaky. It covered pretty well with one coat, but was perfect with two coats. It is a really nice hottish pink with a flash of purple in the light. 

The Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby was also easy to put on. I did two coats. Ant it is amazing, it is soooooo glittery. I think this is one of my new faveorite colors. I was sad tho, because the next day, half of my nail had chipped off. :( 

(Holding the bottle)
(Full Hand)
(far away view)
(trying to capture Holo glitter)
(blurred to see shiney goodness)
(Baby Baby Baby, blurred to see Holo glitter)

I love Drama Queen color. It has a micro shimmery finish to it that I love. It is smooth, and perfectly girly with the right amount of punk. This was a gift, and I wanna say thanks. It was beautiful. :D

As Always lots of Love, 
<3 Holly 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Giveaways Page

Check out my giveaways page or tab where you can enter all kinds of giveaways. I even have the end dates in blue. :D So I dont have to spam my blog with Giveaway posts. I will update it as I find giveaways. :D <-------------- there's the link just in case

Much love as always,

<3 Holly

Sad Panda

I am a sad panda. I have awesome stuffs to review for you my dear readers. Like some awesome goodies from VIOLENT LIPS, but my chin broke out. And I don't want to take pictures of that mess. A couple more days and it should clear up. Some other nail mail came in, but I am not at home and I have to wait for my brother to deliver it. I really want to get my review on. I have too much time on my hands, and that means too much time thinking. Which is not a good thing right now.

I am also pretty sad about money. I was going to go visit my friend Kari over at Got Polish, this fall, but it is more money than I thought it would be. That has me pretty bummed out. I really wanted to meet her and visit Harry Potter-land. Oh well. One day I hope. Maybe for my honeymoon, when I finally meet a man and get married. LMAO. ;-P

Much love as always,

<3 Holly

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting Rainbows Giveaway!!!

Awesome Giveaway @ Painting Rainbows!!! From my lovely Megan!!!
Enter here!!!

<3 Holly

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I Want to Be a Teacher.

The other day I walked into Joann's Fabric and saw these amazing Teacher's supplies. Most of these are wall hooks. But Oh My Gawsh, I wish I was a teacher! I think these are flipping adorable. Forget the kids, I just want to be a teacher for the cute stuff you get to decorate your class with!!! The hooks were 6.99 each. I don't know how much the frames or the pencil cases were. Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures but I had to take them fast with my phone. I's a sucker for cutsey. 

(Crayon and Ruler Wall Hooks)
(Apples Picture Frame)
(Pencil Wall Hook)
(Apple, Scissors, Glue Wall Hooks)
(School Bus Pencil Cases)

Much love as always,

<3 Holly

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pure Ice: Spit Spit Spit Fire

A couple weeks back I went to Wal-Mart and picked up two Pure Ice glitters. Once Again and Spit Fire are pictured below. Spit Fire is the one I swatched. It is a sheer nude color but I really like the way the glitter catches the light. The application was really goopy though and it was like applying glue. Dipping the brush in and out kept getting harder to do. I really think that was due to the amount of glitter in the polish. If I had thinner, I would definitely put some in. Overall, I still like it. 

(Pure Ice, Spit Fire)
(Left hand 2 coats, very sheer, but I kinda like it.)
(Flash, tried to capture the glitter)

Lots of Love, 
<3 Holly 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nail Mail of the Week.

Thank You My Ladies!!!

I had an awesome chick-a-dee named Megan from Painting Rainbows buy me some goodies from 5-below. I broke my own no-buy.................for the hundredth time so I could get some more Funky Fingers. Hehehe. I swear FF has some amazing glitters.  

(Funky Fingers: Alice, Kenyan Sunset, Fashion Addict, Icicle Lights, not pictured Favorite Girl)
 (Alice, Funky FIngers flash to see the shiny)
 (Kenyan Sunset, Funky Fingers Flash so you could see the shimmer)
(Icicle Lights, Funky FIngers)
(Funky Fingers, Fashion Addict)

Also in the mail, a pendant from Kristin Krend of Manicured Monkey. It is sooo pretty. I love it and it is in my color, PINK!!!
(pink Island Girl mood polish resin pendant)

On Wednesday, July 13th, I went to Magic Mountain, 5 miles from my house. I had fun going on all the water rides. I swear it was sooooo hot. I knew I wouldn't find any polish so I didn't take much money. Tho, I did find a stand by a cash register that had glass nail files of all the major WB characters. My Favorite, by far, is Tweety, so I scooped him up and brought him home. This is actually my first glass file. :D

(Tweety Glass Nail File)
(Close up of File)

Lot of love as always, 

<3 Holly