Thursday, June 30, 2011

What the Franken? Part 2 (Image Heavy)

So since I wasnt too happy about how the glitter sat inside my first frankens, I decided to just have the glitter be that star and added it to a top coat. 

Below is a mini bottle with three mini scoops of the Holla Glow Powder from TKB. It's really hard to capture the holo-y-ness of the holo glitter. 
Below are two swatches. The left is three coats of the top coat with the glitter. The right is Sally Hansen's Blue It, 2 coats, and 2 coats of the holo top coat.
Again its really hard to capture holo powder. I was a lot happier with this franken than I was with the others. The glitter stood out a lot more. The blue looked like a Starry Night. OHHHHH I could call it that. So it's one of my new top coats  for when I want a lil spice. :D

<3 Holly

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the Franken? (Image Heavy)

I decided I  needed to franken when loads of people in my Nail Polish and Gossip group started making awesome new polishes. I got pretty jealous and wanted to make my own. So I started looking for my own supplies. One thing I needed were empty polish bottles. One day I spent two hours scouring the internet for affordable mini empty bottles.  On Ebay and Amazon I found many people trying to rip people off with the price of shipping. There was no way I was paying their prices. Then there were some places I found that only sold to businesses. I was so frustrated until someone told me to go to

(all from )
Well, low and behold, they have awesome priced bottles and three different kinds. The best deal was 20 Justine bottles for under 6 dollars. I also ordered a syringe to put in the polish, lids so i could shake the polish and HOLO GLITTER!!! I held my breath hoping against hope that this would be holo-y awesomeness. (btw if you spend only $13 on TKB, you get free shipping, and they package everything beautifully safe. They also have all sorts of mica powders for frankening new polish colors) 

(Holo Powder and bottle shaking lids)

When I finally got my items I was bummed, my franken bottles came without brushes and lids. LOL. A teeny lil oversight. However, I contacted the company and they told me they were sending out the brushes and lids with an extra 20 free bottles. All I had to do was send them a photo of the invoice. Talk about awesome customer service!!! 

(empty bottles and syringe)

Today I got my bottle lids and I decided to start. I grabbed two polishes, Sally Hansen's Blue It and Black Out, got a large piece of card board paper to cover my table, and the rest of my supplies. The first mistake I made was trying to use the syringe. I poured the polish into it and when I opened the stopper to inject it into the bottle it got all over my hands. It was terrible. DO NOT USE THE SYRINGE!!! It's a waste of polish and way too messy. (now i know i was supposed to cover the top with my thumb to keep the paint from spilling out. oh well) Finally I just poured the darn polish from one bottle to another and had no problem. Lastly, I added the Holo powder. I cut a the top of a straw to make a scoop, thats how I was able to scoop the glitter into the bottle. I must say that I wasted a lot of glitter because my hands shake and powder went everywhere. Oh well, I bought three samples.  
(with flash. focused)
(with flash blurred to see Holo)

After everything was in the bottle I closed it up and rolled it between my hands. OMG!!! I cant even begin to tell you how beautiful they look in the bottle. The pictures cant capture their holo-y goodness. They are completely drool worthy. Now the downside. When I painted onto the nail plate they didnt shimmer. Even when they dried. To be fair there wasn't much light. They were also a bit bumpy. Though I see that with a lot of glitters. All you have to do is put a top coat layer or two. However, when the camera flashed you could see that the glitter was there. So maybe it would be different in the daylight. It may even be different with a different polish. I dont know why it wasn't as great as I was expecting. (I will not pay the outrageous price of Spectraflair) I felt as if the glitter was hiding underneath the polish and not "on it," I guess you would say. I want to try with a clear polish next time. 
(With flash, holo hard to see)
(With flash view from the bottom a bit blurred to see holo)
(With flash view from the top a bit blurred to see holo)
(Blue and Black without flash, a bit lumpy not smooth.)

Overall I do love the glitter, it is so beautiful in its case. I need to find something to do with it. But Im a glitter glutton. Anything that sparkles is amazing to me. 

Well that's it. 
<3 Holly

*everything but the polish was bought
**Polishes used were Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Black Out and Blue It

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bloody Sunday: Season 4 of True Blood Premieres *spoilers*

Well tonight was the season 4 premiere of True Blood. What did you all think of it? I have mixed opinions. It was a bit anti-climactic for a start of the season. It was as if the last episode of season 3 built up to this huge climax but once the show "came" it rolled over and fell asleep. That is how I feel about season 4's opening. I was looking forward to Bill and the Queen of Louisiana's fight. I was looking forward to seeing Hoyt's "momma" shoot at Jessica. I wanted to see where Tara went when she drove out of the parking lot. And I don't want a season full of flash backs, which would  be lame. 

I was disappointed by the fact that the fairies sucked ass. I wanted them to be beautiful and good. I mean how effing hard would it be to have something be purely good in this universe of Bon Temps. I was hoping that this light that Sookie had, had come from a purely good source. Not something ugly. But I can honestly say I didn't see it coming. And to be honest not all tales of fairies are good. So fine, I will suck it up. 

Can I add that I am glad they cleaned up Gran's house. All through season 3 my OCD was acting up and I was having panic attack about how filthy that house was. I couldn't imagine anyone living there. 

I am happy Bill is king, finally the guy has some power, and we will finally know whether he is good or bad. I want to know what he wants with Sookie. Hopefully, we will find out what his real intentions are. 

I am proud Jason became a deputy. He is finally making something of himself and doing something he can be proud of. He is finally doing the good he has wanted to do for two seasons. 

Tara, well that just threw me for a loop and I had to say whoo-hoo. She's a fighter now? Im sorry but ok. I could see the lesbian bit coming, but the fighting, ultimate fighting. WTF?! Oi vey. Is she gonna become some super Buffy Vampire Slayer? I dunno. I guess she's getting all her anger out now. 

I dont like the LaFayette story line. Im sorry but I dont believe in messing with magic and the occult. So this story line doesn't really appeal to me. However, there is a flaw in their story line. If they are summoning all this power, all this dark stuff, wont they bring back (summon) that demon lady from season 2? She herself said she showed up when people invoked on darkness. They really only killed her human form, but she was a demon. So yeah. Anyway, I dunno if the author of the books thought of that. I never read them. 

Lemme just say that Arlenne's baby is CREEPY!!! 

Well, it was glaringly obvious and I hope it was obvious to you to. I knew Eric had bought the house. However, I didn't think that made Sookie his? I have to see episode 2. I just know that that would give him rights to the house and he would be able to enter whenever he wanted. If she were smart all she would have to do is move. But Sookie is far from smart. Ok Ill give her the not eating the fruit thing. But mostly she is not smart. 

Oh yeah, ERIC IS EFFING HOT!!! Yes he is the reason I watch the show. Can't wait til he gets naked!!! 

Overall I liked the episode. It was pretty predictable. But hey I am a sucker for vamps. Just a lil bummed about things mentioned above.

<3 Holly

Zoya: Phoebe

One of the colors I bought from Zoya's Exchange promo was the NEW Summer Matte Phoebe. This color is beautiful. It is so shocking blue, the bottle made me want to cry. It was so pretty. I had never used a matte and I was excited to finally try one. 

Application is tricky. Mattes dry really fast. So you need to be quick with your brush. You definitely need two coats, I found the first coat to be a bit streaky but the second made it look perfect. I just adore this color, and I adore matte. And of course it dries fast, but it doesn't mean you can go messing around. It will smudge if you have more than one coat.

Two downsides to this color, one it chips quite quickly. The day after I painted my nails there were small chips on several fingers. But I can live with that. The second is that this color stains the ba-jee-bers out of your nails hand hands. My fingers were blue after I took this polish off. I was a bit pissed off because I wanted to go on to another mani.

Overall, I love Phoebe. Its just a BAH-EWW-TIFF-AL color. Its as if you have glowing lights on your finger tips. I literally could not stop staring at my nails. This color is special to me since my mother bought it for me, so it will be a special occasion polish. 

<3 Holly

The Infamous Bukit!!!

Since I have been off at my sister's house I haven't been able to blog due to lack of camera. Well now I am back!!! Watch out. ;-P While I was at my sister's house I went to CVS and bought the much beloved summer bucket released by Wet N Wild. It was $9.99 plus tax. Not a bad price for 7 polishes and the extra goodies. Most of the colors I fell in love with at first sight. The colors are pictured below. 
My favorite colors were How I Met Your Magenta, Fuchsia Rama, and Teal or No Teal. All of the colors have a pearl-shiney sheen to them except Saved by the Blue and Everybody Loves Redmond. I wore How I Met Your Magenta first with a Seche Vite top coat, no base coat, and it chipped by the next day. Application was nice. However, when I did a mani with Fuchsia Rama with a Seche Vite Top coat, I got major wrinkling on 3 nails. It was really irritating. I had to do one nail three times and still got minor wrinkling.

Here are swatches of four: (L toR) Teal or No Teal, The Wonder Yellows, How I Met Your Magenta, and Fuchsia Rama. This is 2 coats of each. Yellow is a bit streaky and might take three coats to even out.
No swatches of Red and Blue because those will be swapped. I am just not a fan of those two colors. 

The Bucket included 7 polishes (pictured below)
(L to R: How I Met Your Magenta, Fuchsia Rama, The Wonder Yellows, Teal or No Teal, Sage in the City, Saved by the Blue, and Everybody Loves Redmond)

also came with a Nail Art Kit with stickers and a white polish. A toe separator thing, and a nail file. (all pictured below)

Well that's the bucket and I love it. I use the bucket to carry around my top coats, base coats, cotton balls, remover, and other such things. I also haven't used the nail art kit.

<3 Holly 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Manicured Monkey Giveaway

Click here for Manicured Monkey's awesome giveaway.

There are all kinds of prizes, even handmade jewelery!!!

Enter Enter Enter....and FOLLOW!!!

<3 Holly

Midnight Manicure's 500 Follower Giveaway!!!

Enter Here!!!

So many awesome goodies are up for this giveaway. It looks really awesome. Enter Enter Enter!!!

Copied from blog:

"***Announcing our 500 Followers Giveaway*** 6 winners total :)

Just a short 5 weeks ago I started this blog to have a place to store my pictures and thoughts for my love of nail polish.  Our first 100 Followers Giveaway was such a success and happened so quickly, less than 24 hours after I announced it.  Now I want to see if we can get 500 followers by July 31st, 2011. (Rules & Restrictions below.)  There will be 6 winners total.  The first 5 Prizes are for my followers and when the winners are chosen, I will look and see which prizes are available (depending on what order they are chosen).  The 6th prize goes to the Individual/Blogger/Website that sends the most people who become followers of Midnight Manicures.  Make sure when you tell your friends about Midnight Manicures and our 500 Follower Giveaway to let us know who sent them, there's a place on the entry form for that info."

<3 Love,

Nail Polish and Gossip Giveaway

This Wednesday I had a giveaway in my favorite Facebook group, Nail Polish and Gossip. The giveaway was for 2 Hard Candy polishes, 1 Beetle and 1 Fabuluxe. All people had to do to enter was like the photo and randomly comment. The giveaway was open for 24 hours and was open to everyone. 

 In total 35 people entered.  Yes, that is my hand writing and I did spell several people's names wrong. But all-in-all I got most of them right. :D I pretty much gave people their number based on the order they commented. Then I went to and used their number randomizer to pick my number. and low and behold number 14 won!!!

Yup, little spitfire Megan Rhoads of Painting Rainbows blog won two new Hard Candies. :D So congrats to Megan. I can't wait to send out your goodies. :D

<3 Mucho Love,

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Im not ignoring you

My poor little blog. I am not ignoring you. I am just not at home and I dont have my camera so I can't take pictures of my nails when I paint them. Although, I have been buying tons of nail polishes like crazy. I am getting some Funky Fingers, a couple Hard Candy, my first China Glazes, some KleanColors and some Wet N Wild from their Mermaid Collection. So many packages coming, I have officially put myself on a buying ban!!! Well, let's see if I can stay on it.

I also did get my Wet N Wild bucket from CVS. I love it. 7 polishes, a stencil set, a file, and a bucket for 9.99. I have all my stuff in it while I am here at my sister's house.

Sorry no pictures this time.

<3 Holly