Monday, May 23, 2011

Blast from the Past!

     If you have been my friend on facebook for the past let's say six months, you will have heard me talk about Wacky Wally. I have been searching the internet high and low for one of these gems. A few months back I found one on ebay selling for about 30 bucks but thought that was completely crazy, even though it was from the 80's. 

     You're asking yourself, "WTF is she talking about?" I am talking about WACKY WALLY PEOPLE!!! Do you remember back in the 80's there used to be toys for free in cereal, well one promo was a Wacky Wall Climber, called Wacky Wally. You threw them at the wall and they stuck there and then they started to crawl down. As a kid I just loved these things. As an adult I want to relive my glory days, so I set out to find one. Hence, the search all over the internet. I was unlucky. These lil guys were few and far between. 

     Well guess what?! After my mom's funeral a week ago my sister and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. My sister was looking for tea for her Keurig and I was hunting down elusive Color Club Nail Polish Collections. As I turned the corner at the back of the store I saw it. A whole display, over 100 of my most sought after 80's toy. WACKY WALLY'S!!! In so many new colors. I was automatically drawn to my favorite color PINK and it had GLITTER!!! I picked it up and hugged it. Yes, I hugged a toy, so what? It was only 2.99. I was so tempted to buy more. I only bought one though. I was so happy. If any of you are looking for these, run over to BB&B. I just can't believe they are making these again. If I see these again I just might have to buy another. 

    Look at how pretty it is!!!

<3 Holly

Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoya Exchange Promo Arrives!

The last thing my mother bought me before she died were my Zoya polishes from their Exchange promo. They arrived about three days after she died. My mother loved looking at my nails, always wondering what color I would paint for that day. She thought Zoya had beautiful colors. I am almost afraid to use my Zoya's because I dont want to lose that last bit of what she gave to me. It really sucks that she isn't here so I can show her how awesome these colors are. 

(My Zoya Exchange Goodies)

(My 6 ladies in their nifty Zoya box.)

 My Zoya's came packaged in a really cool box that held all six. I dunno but I just really love Zoya's bottles. Classy ladies.
 (Zoya Phoebe (matte collection))

 Phoebe will be the first matte I have ever tried, and I am pretty excited. The sample swatches that were sent with the polishes look pretty darn awesome on the acrylic plates, so they ccan only look even better on a person.

(Charla, Phoebe, Tangy, Bela, Happi, Evangeline)

Last but not least there are all 6 of my new ladies out for a picture. The camera can't capture how amazing these colors are. I have never bought a green, but Tangy just seemed to say BUY ME, and well, I had to have her. I tried Evangeline on one nail. She was breathtaking. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but worth the risk.

<3 Holly

A little ball of Yummyness

On a completely un-polish-related note, has anyone tried EOS'  products? Well I can officially say that I have. Let me just say, I AM IN LOVE!!! I have been looking for this little ball of lip balm for weeks, and finally found it for 2.50 at Wal-Mart. It surprised me right at the check out, on the side with all the last minute stuff they try to sell you, and boy did I do a little dance when the flavor I wanted was one of three left. The flavor pictured below is Honeysuckle Honeydo. Let me just tell you, I opened this baby up and the smell was mouth watering!!! I just wanted to eat it up. It feels so yummy on my lips. Although I am not going to lie, it does look like a mini vibrator type toy. LOL. Like it should be vibrating or something. Other than that, it is super duper awesome!!!
I also found, when buying my razors, the EOS shaving cream. I bought the pomegranate raspberry and have used it. It has a yummy smell too and goes on smooth, isnt too foamy, and kept my leg from hurting when I shaved. So I am definitely a new EOS convert.

Wanna know more? Go to their official web site: EOS

<3 Holly

My Mother; my Ray of Sunshine.

Dana-Sue Gonzalez Palemone 03/31/1948 - 05/06/2011

     My mother died on the 6th of May 2011 at 6:15pm. I still do not know how I feel about this. I haven't accepted this as a fact. She was my best friend, the only person who truly knew who I was. I look at all the pictures I have of when she was young and, man, she was a fucking ray of sunshine. She was the sun personified. She was so bright and beautiful. I have never known anyone that beautiful. I am grieving and I don't know how I am going to get through this. However, I have to, because I know that is what she would want. She has to know tho, that her death has shattered an already low will to live. She's everywhere around here.
     She was the best mother a girl could have, we spent so much time together. We were inseparable. I  miss her so very much and I don't think the pain in my heart and stomach will ever go away. I hate that she went somewhere I couldn't follow. LOL I used to call her a stalker because she always wanted to know what I was doing. G*damn, what I wouldn't do for her to be here asking me what I am doing. All I can say is FUCK!!! This is not fair. Her dying was never a fucking option. It never was. So, I have no idea how it became one.
    I'm like a sick puppy looking at her room thinking she will come out any moment. But, she wont. She's dead, and I have to learn to accept it. But, it's so easy to forget.


Thursday, May 05, 2011


In case you wanted to know, my favorite brand of polish is Zoya. I love the bottles. I love the wear. I love the colors. In order from L to R: South Beach Ice, Hope, Starla. These were my three freebies from the freebie promo Zoya had. The picture below, is a Starla mani. I just heart Starla!!! Two coats, btw. 

Disclaimer: A lot of the times my nails are messy. LOL. I have shakey hands. It's hard to get a perfect mani. :D

<3 Holly.



Hello to anyone who wanders in. I am not responsible for anything you might read here. ;-P I hope I am semi-entertaining. Love y'all!!!

<3 Holly.