Friday, December 02, 2011

Craft Time: Ribbon Christmas Tree (image heavy)

Today I made a Christmas tree made out of ribbon. My sister had made these a couple of years ago and I finally got around to making one. They are really pretty once they are put together. Now I know ribbon can be pretty expensive but wait for a sale. I got some beautiful ribbon at Michael's for 60% off, each spool came out to .70 cents a piece. Also, make sure you have some of their 40% off coupons because the Styrofoam is pricey. 

What you will need:
1.) A Styrofoam cone, I got the second smallest. It was $4, without a coupon. 
 2.) Ribbon. I would say about six spools. These were $1.99 a piece, $0.70 after the sale. Get colors that look good together. I got pinks and blues, snowmen themed. I am also a sucker for glitter.
3.) You need to go to the sewing section and find these pins. I got a package of 500 for $3 something. You can make several trees with this.
4.) You need a Ruler and some Scissors. 

Once you have everything, take your ribbon and start cutting it into 3 inch pieces. (as pictured below) I cut about 15 pieces of each color, I ended up needing more, but it is a good start. (If you want your loopies to be longer cut them to 4 inches. Especially if you have thicker ribbon.)
Then take your first piece of ribbon and fold in half and take a pin, and pin through the top. The stick into the Styrofoam, just high enough so the bottom of the loop hits the bottom of you foam. Then continue all around with your different colors of ribbon. (pictured below) I wasn't exactly perfect.  
Each row that follows, should have the bottom of the loop come to mid- row, of the previous row. Um you can see in the picture below. 
And you just keep doing it til you get all the way to the top. Sometimes you will get the same color to close to each other so just switch up the pattern. Move around the ribbon a little. When you get to the top you can do whatever you want, you can make a huge bow, I decided just to make a little loopy. I liked it. :) Anyway Below is the finished product. This is a pretty simple, fun, and beautiful craft. Anyone can do it. Oh, yeah beware sticking your fingers with the PINS!!! OUCH!!! That really hurt. Other than that it was fun. :)
Finished Product

Finished product on the window sill by the front door ready to welcome people to our home. :)

I hope you like my little project I worked super hard on it. ;-) I just love the colors. I was also super lucky to get such a good deal on the ribbon. I hope if you want to make one, you will be able to buy some just as cheap. I think they are 50% off right now at Michael's. I want to make another one. I just might, in red and greens. Anywho, I hope all my readers are having a great holiday season so far. As Always Mush Love, 

<3 Holly


LuvMyLacquer said...

This is such a great idea! I would've never thought of doing something like this. I really like your choice in colors and patterns for the ribbon! Very creative! =)

HollyG222 said...

Thanks :) I just feel in love with them and had to get them :)

Kracked Kat said...

Nice job. I was planning on going out and getting stuff to make a coffee filter wreath this weekend. I love making Christmas crafts!

<3 Shannon

Patricia2161 said...

oh I like this a lot! I'm making a peppermint (candy cane) wreath this weekend... <3

Kari said...

Love this idea! So super cute! I may have to try one of these. :)

JenBunni said...

wow that is so cute I will definantly have to try this thanks for the great idea