Saturday, December 03, 2011

Birchbox: November 2011 (Image heavy)

My third Birchbox was November, and let me say, I was not so very impressed. The only thing I was excited about was the mini Zoya. Which was what I needed to complete my Gems and Jewels collection. I just have to resign myself to the fact that they no longer give full size products. 

The very nice card that comes in every box that explains all the products in the box. I do enjoy the card, I just wish the products were more exciting. 
This was the coolest thing about Birchbox so far, in all three months. I got another color but traded it for Noel. I needed this to finish up my collection. Now I have all my Gems and Jewels. Yay. 
This is a mud mask, by Borghese, and I will try this out, I hope it doesn't make my face worse. I hope it cleans out my pores and makes my face smooth. We will see. 
LMAO. A post card and a perfume sample. This makes me laugh. SERIOUSLY!!! You can get this shit at any store. I mean I got three samples of perfume at Coach and Victoria's secret. I dunno this kind of pisses me off, how is this a deluxe sample? Birchbox is getting cheap. 
I actually like this LaRocca lotion it is kind of soft and really does smell good. Though you don't get too much. Oh well. I will use it but won't buy it. 
Oh and as an extra, COASTERS!!! WOW!!! (I'm being sarcastic) Coasters you can get at any restaurant. Can you say stupid!!!??? If it wasn't for the Zoya, I would say it was the stupidest Birchbox ever!!! Coasters, really?! Sucktastic. I'm thinking I should just start writing to all these companies, and I can get samples from them without having to pay Birchbox any money. Anywho, there are some other companies I have been looking into that are $10 a month, and have full size samples. One is the other is Cravebox. I am giving Birchbox one last month then I am heading over to MyGlam. 

Anyway, As Always Mush Love, 

<3 Holly

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