Saturday, November 05, 2011

Secret Pumpkin

So, I am a little behind on my blogging. I know, sue me. In October, my polish group had a cool little gift exchange for Halloween, called a Secret Pumpkin. I had an awesome person, Lindsay, she totally got me. Everything she bought me is something I absolutely love. I have actually been wearing the GOSH Golden Dragon for a week. I am  in love with this color. I also already ate the Vampire gummies. Nom nom nom. I really love my Pumpkin plushie. It is on my dresser!!! I am already excited for Secret Santa. I am ready to go shopping!

(Pumpkin Erasers, Jack O Lantern Plushie, Socks, Fangs, Pumpkin full of Skittles, Polishes, Sally Hansen Nail Effects, Nail Envy, Gummy Vampires, and a Cute Card, "Guess What? Pumpkin Butt!")
(Misa: Candy Girl, Quirky Smile, Forbidden Lust, GOSH Golden Dragon, Glow in the Dark Green Glitter, Nail Envy, SH Salon Effects in Laced Up)
(Jack O Lantern Witch Plushie)

As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

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