Friday, November 04, 2011

My Birthday Zoya's and Presents

My birthday was on November 2nd, or more widely known as "Day of the Dead," yeah kinda creepy right. I like it. Makes my birthday special. Makes me truly Mexican. XD We had a whole week of "Anakuh," something I made up. Seven days of celebrating me!!! Saturday we had an  impromptu party with family and made a carne asada, Sunday we went to Disneyland with like 20 people, Monday we went Trick o' Treating, Tuesday we went out to dinner, and on Wednesday we went to the movies to see Puss in Boots and had Cupcakes from my fave place. I got a few presents, my dad gave me a cute purse and a silver Hello Kitty ring, my brother gave me some money, my sister had paid for a part of my Tom's, and my other brother bought me some Zoyas. (Pictured below). My big present will be a new bike, so I can get out and exercise, and help get rid of this depression. 

So, to get on with it....Below are my beautiful drool worthy Zoyas!!! I bought three from the Gems and Jewels Collection and one called Hayden. Yes, I am a sucker for pinks. You have to see these bar glitters in sunlight. They are AH-MAY-ZING!!! *dies* 
(Zoya: Twila, Kissy, Rina, Hayden)

I also got an amazing birthday gift from an awesome friend Jeanne from Jeanne's Creativity Spot. She really is an awesome person. This really made my day. She knows how much I love me some Banana Taffy's. LOL. Well banana's in general. (hey get your mind out of the gutter!)

(Banana Laffy Taffys, Banana Scratch and Sniff Monkey Stickers, Ulta Halloween Polishes, Pumpkin Polishes, FF, Make Up Bag)
(Pink Glow in the Dark, Pink Black Light, Funky Fingers Monster Ballad)
(Ulta: Witchful Thinking, Ghoul's Night Out, Hocus Pocus, Orange You Afraid?)
(This is the Zipper pull on the bag. Too cute!)

I had an amazing 30th birthday. I also have a couple presents coming in the mail. And I want to show you guys my bike when I get I will update this post...keep a look out. As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

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Connie said...

Happy belated birthday! Nice presents! I got Holly and Twila in today from Zoya, love them!