Wednesday, November 09, 2011

More Birthday....

I have gotten some more Birthday presents and I wanted to share and say thank you to my friends and family. I really did NOT want to turn 30. I really did not. But everyone made it so much easier. I can say I missed my mom soooooo much and getting older sucks, even though I look 16. I just want to say thank you friends and family for loving me, and making me feel special. I love you too. 

 My friend Stacy sent me two caramel Tootsie pops that I am in love with but can never find, and Diamond in the Rough by Wet N Wild. I love it! Pretty awesome of her!
 My brother, got me this eye shadow I have been wanting like crazy, by Maybelline in Forest Fury. It is gorgeous people. I love green eye shadows.
 My aunt Loupitta spoiled me big time and got me some Brighton Jewelry. A charm bracelet with a charm in my birthstone, and two spacers, and a pair of earrings. We also, went out to eat at this rest'rant called Wahoo, it's amazing. They have the best Tofu with black beans dish I have ever had.
My other friend Crystal, sent me awesome gifties. A Hello Kitty watch. Too Cute. Revlon's Starry Pink. More Tootsie pops. Cupcake Earrings. and a lipgloss....mmmm. Talk about neato friends.

Not pictured are an awesome hand made card from a bff/sister named Steperoonie. I miss her so much, and her card made my day. Also, my sister-in-law Suzy sent me a 50 dollar gift card to Old Navy. I can now get a coat. I am freezing. :)

Thank you everybody. Thank you soooooo much!!!  As Always Much Love,

<3 Holly


Polish AMOR said...

Very cute I love stuff from brighton

Pam's Girly Bits said...

OOh that polish looks amazing! I am really getting into glitters this season. I was never a big glitter lover before now. ♥

HollyG222 said...

OMG I am an absolute glitter girl!!! It is almost all I have in my collection. LOL I need to branch out.

@PolishAmor I adore brighton, almost all the jewelry I have is brighton.