Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Sunshine

Today is 5 months since my mom died. I don't know how I have made it this long. Every day has seemed interminable and like I am living in hell. But, I wake up and keep breathing like she would have wanted me to. I keep breathing for her. My mom's favorite color was yellow. She loved yellow. Her favorite flowers were daffodils. I called her my Sunshine. She was my sunshine. She had blond hair. She was bright and happy and always saw the good in things. She also had the strongest Faith in God. She loved Jesus more than anything and I know in my heart she is in Heaven right now. Wow. Look at that picture of her, she is utter and complete sunshine. She takes my breath away. 

When I saw China Glaze's Sunshine, I thought of her. I instantly thought of my mom. I thought I had to have this polish. Karin of Rin's Nail Files, did me a huge favor and got me this, and it made me really happy. You should see this color in the sun. It comes alive. It is so pretty. Unfortunately, it is a little uneven as a polish and sheer. It also doesn't go with my skin tone. It just doesn't pop, like it should. I am going to keep it and use it for nail art and skittle manis. I also want to use it to make some polish jewelry. I think that would be special.  

(China Glaze, Sunshine)
(China Glaze, Sunshine 2 Coats)
(You can see it is a little streaky)

As Always Much Love,

<3 Anamaria

Written: 9/29/11 Scheduled: 10/06/11


Kari said...

I am sure you were your mom's sunshine, too. <3 Thank you for sharing. As for the polish, using it for jewelry sounds like a wonderful idea. It is really pretty and this way you'll have a special keepsake that will keep her close to you.

LuvMyLacquer said...

i'm so sorry for the loss of ur mother. she was incredibly beautiful & it seems like u have the best memories of her! i can't wait to see what jewelry u make with this, im sure it will be really cool. keep ur head up, xo! <3