Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hottie Thursday: Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

He is a silver haired hottie news reporter!!! I have had a crush on this guy for years. Though, I don't watch him on the news. Sorry, the news depresses me. He does have a new talk show called Anderson on at 1pm. I have no idea what channel though. All I know is that he is yummy to look at.

(Yes I am deep and hot...)

He FUCKING saves people!!! Click here for full story.

(This smile automatically reminds me of his on air giggle fest posted below)

Follow him on Twitter: @AndersonCooper

As Always Much Love,

<3 Holly


Kari said...

I like him, too. I've seen a few episodes of his new show and I really enjoyed them. Did you know his mom is Gloria Vanderbilt? I didn't know that! He had her on the other day and it was so sweet, I cried a few times.

HollyG222 said...

Yes I did know, but I didnt know she was on his show.