Saturday, September 03, 2011

Half Moon Mani: The First Attempt

Holly's Version of a Half Moon Mani

1. Polish
2. Circle Sticker things (look at pictures below. You can get them at Wal-Mart)
3. Cotton Balls and Polish Remover (for oopsies)

1. Pick your colors. You need two :D You can pick more if you want. :)
2. Paint your Base Layer and let it dry. Make sure it dries thoroughly. 
3. Add the stickers. Look at the pictures below. 
4. Add your second layer of polish. 
5. Peel off Stickers Slowly. 
6. Let dry a little. 
7. Add top coat. 

(2 coats Zoya Kiki, 2 coats Color Club Wicked Sweet)
(Base Layer. Pick any colors you want)
(make sure you're dry!)
(look the pretty stickers, keep the paint off)
(place where ever you want. depends on how much color you want to show)
(out come. kinda messy. but its my first time. :D)
(it got goopy. :( middle finger)

What I learned: 
1. Wait till you are completely dry!!!
2. Use a light color as your base and a darker on top!!! (My pink turned purple :( )
3. WAIT TIL YOU'RE DRY!!! (I messed up the whole mani smudging it)
4. Thin coats. 
5. Pull the stickers up slowly. Try to paint on the sticker as little as possible. (You will pull up the paint)
6. Use a fast drying top coat!!!

As Always Much Love,

<3 Holly


Sarah said...

You sound like me after my first tape mani. lol. If it helps, make sure your base coat is completely dry, but when you do the second color, pull the sticker up while the polish is still wet. Hope that helps a little...don't worry, practice makes perfect!! :)

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Very great post! Your tips made me smile because that is exactly what I learned on my first attempt with this type of mani!

Irishenchantment said...

you done a good job for your first attempt!