Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zoya Promo Mini Haul

So, this past week Zoya had an awesome promo. Two free with any purchase. I got some pinks I have been wanting forever and some nail stuff because my nails have been peeling badly. I love the colors I got.
Zoya Ali, Kiki, and Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator
Zoya Ali is from the opening credits of Pretty Little Liars. This is the color that started my Nail Polish obsession. When the show came out I saw that color I just had to have it. However, I didn't know what color it was. My mom and I would stalk Rite-Aid looking at every pink trying to find the right one. You don't know how many pinks I bought, not to have them be the one. Well, my mom died and I still never found the right color. Until, someone in my NP&G group on Facebook told me to ask Zoya. They said Zoya was one of the main brands used on the show. So I did, and they were pretty sure it was Ali. Which makes sense, since the character it's on is named Alison. Well now I have the color I have been searching for, for over a year. I am pretty happy. Though, I wish my mom was here to see it. :-/ Kiki, just happened to be a color I loved. Yes, pink is my signature color. I loves it!!! I want to one day own all of Zoya's pinks. *faint*


As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly