Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hottie Thursday: John Krasinski and Emma Watson

This Thursday since I missed last week we have two hotties:

I love me some John Krasinski and no one is going to tell me any differently. I love Jim Halpert and I will go to a movie only because it has him in it. I wish there were real men out there that were like Jim. Because there aren't. But I wish there were. Jim gives me hope!!! That is why I love him. And he is a funny smart ass!!! Im mean this fool can prank like crazy. Did you see the baseball commercials?! Anywho, watch The Office and you will find my happy place, my go to locale when I'm supper depressed. 

(mmm yup!)
(mmmmmm so cute)
(as my fave man ever, Jim Halpert)
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I love this girl. She's young, she's beautiful, and she has impeccable style. She was also Hermione Granger, the bestest witch ever!!! If you want to see her in a great movie see Ballet Shoes. I loved it. :D

(She has awesome style)
(I love her hair)
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Until next week, Much Love, 

<3 Holly 

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Audrey L said...

I've never watched the Office but I love Emma Watson! She's so pretty and stylish:D