Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deborah Lippman: Believe

Deborah Lippmann Believe

*Created with Cher
*Sizzling, Shimmering Gold Beige (Metallic)

Price $16
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I got two Deborah Lippmann's to review, the first is Believe, it was created with Cher. It is a beautiful Gold Metallic, and in the sun has little rainbow shimmer. It is so beautiful, the pictures do not capture how lovely this color really is. I swear when I was driving in the car, I was in the passenger seat, I couldn't stop staring at my nails. The little flecks of rainbow were so captivating. (I did use one coat of Out The Door top coat.)

I love the bottle.
I love the brush.
I love the application.
I love the formula.
I love the ease of this color, there was less mess. (the light color makes it easy to apply)
I am in love with the color.
The wear was great.
1-5 it was a 3 in Opaqueness. Two coats and it was still a tad sheer. But I loved it.
There was no terrible smell.
This is a 3-free polish!!!

The only problem I have with this polish is the price. It is a little out of my budget. I don't have a job. But if you can afford it, definitely buy it. It is so worth it. It is very luxurious. 

(Deborah Lippmann Believe, I love the bottles)
(Two Coats of Believe)
(There is a  ding on one of my nails. Not D.L.'s fault. I kept messing up my nails before they dried. Completely my fault. Not the polish!!!)

As Always Much Love, 

<3 Holly

*Polish was sent to me for Review. Opinions are mine. 


Manicured Monkey said...

gorge! great review!!

HollyG222 said...

thanks love muffin!!!

Head MILF in charge said...

Goes well with your skintone love =)

Kracked Kat said...

So pretty but out of my price range too

Sarah said...

Very pretty!!

Rin said...

Great review, Perty =)

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Great polish!