Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I Want to Be a Teacher.

The other day I walked into Joann's Fabric and saw these amazing Teacher's supplies. Most of these are wall hooks. But Oh My Gawsh, I wish I was a teacher! I think these are flipping adorable. Forget the kids, I just want to be a teacher for the cute stuff you get to decorate your class with!!! The hooks were 6.99 each. I don't know how much the frames or the pencil cases were. Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures but I had to take them fast with my phone. I's a sucker for cutsey. 

(Crayon and Ruler Wall Hooks)
(Apples Picture Frame)
(Pencil Wall Hook)
(Apple, Scissors, Glue Wall Hooks)
(School Bus Pencil Cases)

Much love as always,

<3 Holly


Kari said...

Soooo adorable! I probably would have bought the pencil case for myself and put some of my cute pens in it. ;)

Kari said...

Ooh, you should get one for some of your erasers!

HollgyG222 said...

I wanted one but my sister said NO!!! i was soooo sad :(

HollgyG222 said...

i had to be happy with pictures

Head MILF in charge said...

So say if you saw 7 in heels would you want to be a stripper then ? ? lol just love sweet post =)

Geo58 said...

another teacher! I have a degree in Physical Ed. Love your web blog. Love kids the K-4 crowd are so adorable, I also love the older kids too, K-12 grade...why did I leave it,oh well, also a environ. engineer who loves np, LOL :)

HollyG222 said...

@neeka.....yes yes i would :P

Dollie said...

Oh, being a teacher is like having a burden on your back because of the responsibilities. But it gives a certain sense of fulfillment when you see your students learn. Sharing your knowledge is something precious and priceless. Those are pretty school supplies, though. I'm thinking of having ones like that. :)

Dolly Paolucci