Friday, July 08, 2011

U by Kotex Free Samples

Yesterday I received my free U by Kotex samples. I was seriously excited. I have always used only Always and Tampax nothing else. I am religious about my feminine hygiene products. When I was younger it was the thinnest Always pads you could buy. When I got older regular cardboard applicator tampons from Tampax. I never deviated. So when I saw a free sample from this new brand I thought, why not? 

I have to admit I am sold on the packaging alone. I love black with bright colors. I love designing things with those colors, so seeing the Kotex's hip design made me smile. However, I know it says nothing about the quality. 

The box the sample came in was awesome (pictured below) and inside came 2 tampons, 1 pad, and one $1 dollar of coupon for any U by Kotex product. (They are 3.88 at Wal Mart by the way, 7-9 dollars at CVS, you're better off at Wal Mart.)

(cool colorful box the samples came in)
($1 off coupon, 2 tampons, 1 pad)

I like the fact that the pad is super thin. I hated back in the day when pads used to be thick monstrosities and the only brand to be thin was Always. Im glad Kotex is learning. Though, I dont know about the quality, I dont use pads. 

The tampons are awesome and colorful, but that doesnt speak for quality. As of yet, I havent tried them and cannot comment on that. I will update later. 

You can read up on people's comments here: at the bottom of the page. Click here for U by Kotex free samples. As always lots of love.

 <3 Holly


Jenprewitt said...

i LOVE U by Kotex...I started using it because of the commercials and haven't looked back.

Painting Rainbows said...

Hey I got these too! They really are super cute.

HollgyG222 said...

They are uber cute. tho i read some reviews where they fell apart inside ppl. im afraid to put the tampons in LOL