Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sally Hansen Mighty Mini Tweezers

Today I took a trip to Wal-Mart because I needed tweezers badly. I first picked up these no name .99 cent tweezers but really didn't like the look of them. I put them back and looked at the Revlon tweezers but the ones I wanted were 9.99, and I have a pair of those at home, and don't need a second. So I looked at the Sally Hansen Beauty products and was quite happy with what I found.

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First off, their packaging is really cool. I love the clean, germ-free looking plastic container their products come in. The design of the packaging is beautiful too. The orange, white and blue design is visually appealing and clean. I am a person who appreciates clean minimal design. 

Secondly, I love the mini-ness of the tweezers. I have never seen mini tweezers. I need my hand to be as close to the hair as possible since I have a hard time seeing, and the smallness of the tweezers gives me greater control. 

Third, I love the orange lid/cap that comes with them. I hate when the tip of my tweezers get goopy or dirty with some sort of toothpaste or other gooey substance. Now, my tip can always be protected. 

Fourth, I love the grip and feel of them. They don't fall out of my clumsy hands. 

Fifth, They work!!! I had this nasty looking hair on my cheek and the tweezers grabbed on to the sucker and wouldn't let go. I have had tweezers that just pull on the hair sliding off and never getting the hair out, but these things hold on for dear life. 

Now all I need is a good mirror. 

What says: "Slant tip tweezers are a workhorse. They are perfect for working in-between or above the brows. The platform design inside the tips means even more hair-grabbing capability."

Application tips: "PREP Tweeze after showering when pores are more “open”. PLUCK Grasp hair as close to the root as possible, and pull gently but firmly in the direction of hair growth. Use the slanted edge flat against the skin for larger areas like in between brows. CARE Keep me clean for good hygiene. Rinse clean after use and dry with a soft cloth. To sanitize, immerse in alcohol for a few minutes. Replace cap when not in use to keep tip precision intact.

All in all these were an awesome buy for 3.99 at Wal-Mart. I wouldn't buy them any where else. Drug stores are ridiculously over priced. I think I am going to keep these mini's in my purse so I always have them with me.

<3 Holly

*Photos from Sally Hansen website
**Product description from Sally Hansen website
***Sorry no pictures, no camera

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