Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Polish Remover

Well people I have no idea what I have been doing to my nails. I have been using cheap one dollar nail remover from Wal-Mart both Equate and Cutex. It has left my nails feeling like crap and stripped. Not only that but it takes forever to take the polish off. Usually it takes about 4-5 cotton balls every time I remove a mani. So today my sister bought her own stuff at Target and I used it to take of my purple Caylee mani. OMG!!! I had glitter on my nails and this Sally Hansen stuff took the glitter and polish off in seconds. I also only had to use two cotton balls. This stuff is amazing. AMAZING!!!! My nails didn't feel stripped either. I am a Sally Hansen Remover convert. I will definitely pay more for this stuff. 

Below is from the web site:

Extra Strength Polish Remover for all Nail Types

Rapidly removes even the toughest polish, and darkest colors fast! Enriched formula easily removes polish with essential nutrients help to promote strong, healthy-looking nails and cuticles with every use. A special blend of Vitamins helps dissolve polish and replace needed moisture to nails.
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<3 Holly. 


Definitely Addicted said...

I have been using Sally Hansen remover for forevvvver! I use the moisturizing one that comes with a green lid. It's awesome!

SwatchAndLearn said...

I haven't tried any of the Sally Hansen nail-polish removers before, but it's good to know that you've found a winner.

I'm still going through a new huge bottle of remover from Sally's.
- Mary

HollgyG222 said...

i dont have a sally's :(

@allison i was thinking of getting the one for weak nails. my sister is all like stop using mine. blah