Friday, July 22, 2011

Sad Panda

I am a sad panda. I have awesome stuffs to review for you my dear readers. Like some awesome goodies from VIOLENT LIPS, but my chin broke out. And I don't want to take pictures of that mess. A couple more days and it should clear up. Some other nail mail came in, but I am not at home and I have to wait for my brother to deliver it. I really want to get my review on. I have too much time on my hands, and that means too much time thinking. Which is not a good thing right now.

I am also pretty sad about money. I was going to go visit my friend Kari over at Got Polish, this fall, but it is more money than I thought it would be. That has me pretty bummed out. I really wanted to meet her and visit Harry Potter-land. Oh well. One day I hope. Maybe for my honeymoon, when I finally meet a man and get married. LMAO. ;-P

Much love as always,

<3 Holly


Audrey L said...

Aww im sorry things seem kinda glum right now, but at least you'll have lots of pretty stuff to review soon!

HollyG222 said... ha to get better right? lol