Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Violent Lips (picture heavy)

I was just sent some Violent Lips to review, and I am pretty excited. These looked really cute and punkish. I really like the idea of having designs on my lips. I was sent two designs, one "Lt Pink and Hot Pink Stripes", and one "the Red Fishnet." Both are really kinda cool. Pink is my favorite color, so I was excited, and the red ones were kinda sexy. 

I also, went to and looked at their other designs. They have some pretty awesome designs. The Glitteratti series is pretty exciting. I even like the American Flag. I can imagine going outside with that on. LOL. 

The picture below is what the package looks like. I really like the packaging. Cool black envelope, with a hip font and a picture of the design you're getting on the front. Each envelope comes with three sets of lips for varied prices from 9.99-15.95. Right now if you spend $30 you get 20% off of your purchase, with the code  30x20 at checkout. 

(Front of envelope. Picture shows what you're getting)
(Back of packaging. No animal testing)
(Came inside, showcases different styles available)

Well, on to application. First you have to go to their website and watch the how to video, it really helps. Click HERE to watch. I followed the exact steps of the video. I measured, and cut, placed, watered, and removed. Scroll down to read my thoughts. 

(actual lips)
(top lips)
(back of the tattoo lips)

1. Designs are great. 
2. The first several steps are easy enough. Measuring is pretty easy. All you have to do is find out how big your mouth is. 
3. The idea of the tattoo is great. 
4. These are for superficial use only. Don't eat or drink with them on if you want the tattoo to stay pretty. 
5. I think they are kinda cool

1. You only get one chance to place the tattoo onto your lips. You cant really move them once put on. So if you're off centered, too bad. 
2. The paper backing is too stiff, it doesn't give you much leg room. You're trying to put water on the paper and hold on to it at the same time, and the paper comes straight back at you. Lifting up the corners. Its really hard to not to lose your corners. I have put these on twice and have lost my corners both times. 
3. They were dry. Not as smooth and shiny as I would have liked them to be. 
4. After ten minutes, there was like a gooping of the tattoo, and the insides came off, as did the edges.
5. Eating and drinking with these on felt really weird and odd. I didn't like it at all. 
6. After 2 hours, the color had faded.  

(you can see the lower right didnt get covered, but once placed you can't reajust)

(the left top corner started peeling off)
(Just felt like sticking my tongue out at y'all)

Overall, I love the idea. I love the designs. I love the colors. But it is just too hard to get them to cover your mouth perfectly, stay on, and look perfect. They are cool for a novelty, or for going out to a club. I like having them in case I'm going to a dress up party. These are also perfect for Halloween. These are not practical for everyday attire, they are just too expensive. I would not purchase them, unless for a special going out occasion. You definitely need to practice with these, and you just can't. Maybe if they gave you a free practice set of lips, that would be cool. I know doing it the first time was hard.  Also having them on, was just an odd feeling. I also did not like having them goop off. But, don't rely on me, buy them for yourself and see how you like them. :)

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As Always Lots of Love,

<3 Holly

*Product was sent to me by Violent Lips to review. However, opinion of the product is 100% mine. 


Jeanie said...

You did a good job for your first try. How long does the packaging say they should last? And my thoughts exactly for Halloween or clubbing depending on design.

HollyG222 said...

the packaging doesnt say. lol but someone on the FB page said it made it thru a make out session LMAO!!!!

Kari said...

I couldn't handle the dry-lip feeling but they do look awfully cute on you and woo hoo that you can curl your tongue. I wish I could do that. I can't burp on demand or armpit-fart either. I suck.

HollyG222 said...

hahahaha i cant to do those last two things either lmao. and you dont suck :P

Britney said...

This is so neat and cool, i love them i need to get them, please follow back.

Irishenchantment said...

this are cool, i have seen them being used for 4th july :)

shel xx