Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Loreal Drama Queen

Pink Wednesday mani in L'oreal with Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby accent finger. The application of Drama Queen was great and it was not streaky. It covered pretty well with one coat, but was perfect with two coats. It is a really nice hottish pink with a flash of purple in the light. 

The Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby was also easy to put on. I did two coats. Ant it is amazing, it is soooooo glittery. I think this is one of my new faveorite colors. I was sad tho, because the next day, half of my nail had chipped off. :( 

(Holding the bottle)
(Full Hand)
(far away view)
(trying to capture Holo glitter)
(blurred to see shiney goodness)
(Baby Baby Baby, blurred to see Holo glitter)

I love Drama Queen color. It has a micro shimmery finish to it that I love. It is smooth, and perfectly girly with the right amount of punk. This was a gift, and I wanna say thanks. It was beautiful. :D

As Always lots of Love, 
<3 Holly 


Jeanie said...

Very pretty, love the accent nail!

Persnickety Polish said...

I love your accent nail!!

Geo58 said...

Your nails are always so beautiful and pretty, love the accent nail as well, because color for pink Wednesday.


George :)

HollyG222 said...

Thanks Ladies and George. :D