Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hottie Thursday:

So Im starting a new thing here. Hottie Thursdays!!! I will pick a man or a woman (famous) to be my hottie for the week. They will be added to my harem of lovers. ;-) Hopefully, at the end of a year, I will have a drool worthy assortment of eye candy for everyone to appreciate. 

This Thursday we have:

He was last seen with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in The Tudors.
He is our future Superman.
He will soon be seen in The Immortals, a movie made by the makers of 300, so yeah half naked men. *drool*

I've been drooling over Mr. Cavill since I saw him The Tudors. He almost made me forget of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. He's super super yummy. Can't wait for Superman to come out. 

(mmmm dirty thoughts)

Anywho Much Love as Always,

<3 Holly

*the link takes you to his IMDB page


Jasmin said...

oh yes! Henry!! I've been liking him since I saw him in The Count of Monte Cristo. He was young in there but my goodness has he grown up. I seriously only watch The Tudors for him lol

HollyG222 said...

OMG i forgot he was in that!!! yes the tudors wouldnt have been the same without him. :-/ soooooo yummy!!!