Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hard Candy: Beetle and Fabuluxe

Two of my favorite polishes lately have been from Hard Candy. The colors are called Beetle and Fabuluxe. The are unique and gorgeous. Fabuluxe is a hot pink/magenta glitter, that is perfectly opaque with just one coat. Beetle is a multi-chrome with browns and greens, and golds tinted in it and takes 2 coats to become opaque. I have heard it is a dupe to Orly's Space Cadet, tho I don't own it. 

The positives: The bottles are cute, the colors are beautiful, the application is smooth, there are cute plastic rings, and it didn't chip. The price not bad. 

The negatives: The bottles are almost too small. If you love a polish so much, you want more of it. I am almost afraid to use my Fabuluxe, I don't want it to finish. 

(Fabuluxe, Beetle)

(2 Coats Fabuluxe, 2 Coats Beetle)

Hard Candy can be bought at almost any Wal-Mart. However, not all colors are available. The price of the polish is cheaper at walmart.com. only $4 per bottle plus free shipping to home. Fabuluxe is usually sold out. You just have to stalk the site and hope they have it. 

<3 Holly

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