Thursday, July 07, 2011

Candy Ring from Manicured Monkey

<3 Thank You Kristin!!! <3

Wonderful Kristin from Manicured Monkey and my Facebook group Nail Polish and Gossip, sent me a gift today. I knew what it was but I was still super surprised when I opened it. It was a homemade resin ring with rainbow sprinkles. It is so pretty. I love it. I can't even tell you how much I love it. My sister loved it too. She stole it from me and wouldn't give it back. Until I told her that Kristin sales these in her Etsy store, so she bought a pendant and a ring. I suggest you all buy one too. ;-) They are awesome, really. I want to get into making these. Though, they look super complicated. 

(forgive my chipped up mani)
(so pretty)
(super extreme close up)

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ALSO in the mail today:

A swap package from my friend Debby. 3 Funky Fingers, they happen to be my first FF's. I am so excited to try these  babies out. :D 

(Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby)
(Funky Fungers Down to Earth)
(Funky Fingers Favorite Girl)

Goodnight and love you all. Muahs.

<3 Holly