Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zoya: Phoebe

One of the colors I bought from Zoya's Exchange promo was the NEW Summer Matte Phoebe. This color is beautiful. It is so shocking blue, the bottle made me want to cry. It was so pretty. I had never used a matte and I was excited to finally try one. 

Application is tricky. Mattes dry really fast. So you need to be quick with your brush. You definitely need two coats, I found the first coat to be a bit streaky but the second made it look perfect. I just adore this color, and I adore matte. And of course it dries fast, but it doesn't mean you can go messing around. It will smudge if you have more than one coat.

Two downsides to this color, one it chips quite quickly. The day after I painted my nails there were small chips on several fingers. But I can live with that. The second is that this color stains the ba-jee-bers out of your nails hand hands. My fingers were blue after I took this polish off. I was a bit pissed off because I wanted to go on to another mani.

Overall, I love Phoebe. Its just a BAH-EWW-TIFF-AL color. Its as if you have glowing lights on your finger tips. I literally could not stop staring at my nails. This color is special to me since my mother bought it for me, so it will be a special occasion polish. 

<3 Holly