Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the Franken? (Image Heavy)

I decided I  needed to franken when loads of people in my Nail Polish and Gossip group started making awesome new polishes. I got pretty jealous and wanted to make my own. So I started looking for my own supplies. One thing I needed were empty polish bottles. One day I spent two hours scouring the internet for affordable mini empty bottles.  On Ebay and Amazon I found many people trying to rip people off with the price of shipping. There was no way I was paying their prices. Then there were some places I found that only sold to businesses. I was so frustrated until someone told me to go to

(all from )
Well, low and behold, they have awesome priced bottles and three different kinds. The best deal was 20 Justine bottles for under 6 dollars. I also ordered a syringe to put in the polish, lids so i could shake the polish and HOLO GLITTER!!! I held my breath hoping against hope that this would be holo-y awesomeness. (btw if you spend only $13 on TKB, you get free shipping, and they package everything beautifully safe. They also have all sorts of mica powders for frankening new polish colors) 

(Holo Powder and bottle shaking lids)

When I finally got my items I was bummed, my franken bottles came without brushes and lids. LOL. A teeny lil oversight. However, I contacted the company and they told me they were sending out the brushes and lids with an extra 20 free bottles. All I had to do was send them a photo of the invoice. Talk about awesome customer service!!! 

(empty bottles and syringe)

Today I got my bottle lids and I decided to start. I grabbed two polishes, Sally Hansen's Blue It and Black Out, got a large piece of card board paper to cover my table, and the rest of my supplies. The first mistake I made was trying to use the syringe. I poured the polish into it and when I opened the stopper to inject it into the bottle it got all over my hands. It was terrible. DO NOT USE THE SYRINGE!!! It's a waste of polish and way too messy. (now i know i was supposed to cover the top with my thumb to keep the paint from spilling out. oh well) Finally I just poured the darn polish from one bottle to another and had no problem. Lastly, I added the Holo powder. I cut a the top of a straw to make a scoop, thats how I was able to scoop the glitter into the bottle. I must say that I wasted a lot of glitter because my hands shake and powder went everywhere. Oh well, I bought three samples.  
(with flash. focused)
(with flash blurred to see Holo)

After everything was in the bottle I closed it up and rolled it between my hands. OMG!!! I cant even begin to tell you how beautiful they look in the bottle. The pictures cant capture their holo-y goodness. They are completely drool worthy. Now the downside. When I painted onto the nail plate they didnt shimmer. Even when they dried. To be fair there wasn't much light. They were also a bit bumpy. Though I see that with a lot of glitters. All you have to do is put a top coat layer or two. However, when the camera flashed you could see that the glitter was there. So maybe it would be different in the daylight. It may even be different with a different polish. I dont know why it wasn't as great as I was expecting. (I will not pay the outrageous price of Spectraflair) I felt as if the glitter was hiding underneath the polish and not "on it," I guess you would say. I want to try with a clear polish next time. 
(With flash, holo hard to see)
(With flash view from the bottom a bit blurred to see holo)
(With flash view from the top a bit blurred to see holo)
(Blue and Black without flash, a bit lumpy not smooth.)

Overall I do love the glitter, it is so beautiful in its case. I need to find something to do with it. But Im a glitter glutton. Anything that sparkles is amazing to me. 

Well that's it. 
<3 Holly

*everything but the polish was bought
**Polishes used were Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Black Out and Blue It


♥ Claire ♥ said...

oooooh - they look so good!!!

Jenprewitt said...

At Sallys there is nail glitter called silver made a very pretty sparkly holo, but again, it is a top coat muncher. I have pics of it in the group...

HollgyG222 said...

Thanks Claire :D and Jen just saw the post :d but sadly no Sallys lol