Friday, June 24, 2011

Nail Polish and Gossip Giveaway

This Wednesday I had a giveaway in my favorite Facebook group, Nail Polish and Gossip. The giveaway was for 2 Hard Candy polishes, 1 Beetle and 1 Fabuluxe. All people had to do to enter was like the photo and randomly comment. The giveaway was open for 24 hours and was open to everyone. 

 In total 35 people entered.  Yes, that is my hand writing and I did spell several people's names wrong. But all-in-all I got most of them right. :D I pretty much gave people their number based on the order they commented. Then I went to and used their number randomizer to pick my number. and low and behold number 14 won!!!

Yup, little spitfire Megan Rhoads of Painting Rainbows blog won two new Hard Candies. :D So congrats to Megan. I can't wait to send out your goodies. :D

<3 Mucho Love,

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Ngelic said...

CIngratulations winner! :D