Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bloody Sunday: Season 4 of True Blood Premieres *spoilers*

Well tonight was the season 4 premiere of True Blood. What did you all think of it? I have mixed opinions. It was a bit anti-climactic for a start of the season. It was as if the last episode of season 3 built up to this huge climax but once the show "came" it rolled over and fell asleep. That is how I feel about season 4's opening. I was looking forward to Bill and the Queen of Louisiana's fight. I was looking forward to seeing Hoyt's "momma" shoot at Jessica. I wanted to see where Tara went when she drove out of the parking lot. And I don't want a season full of flash backs, which would  be lame. 

I was disappointed by the fact that the fairies sucked ass. I wanted them to be beautiful and good. I mean how effing hard would it be to have something be purely good in this universe of Bon Temps. I was hoping that this light that Sookie had, had come from a purely good source. Not something ugly. But I can honestly say I didn't see it coming. And to be honest not all tales of fairies are good. So fine, I will suck it up. 

Can I add that I am glad they cleaned up Gran's house. All through season 3 my OCD was acting up and I was having panic attack about how filthy that house was. I couldn't imagine anyone living there. 

I am happy Bill is king, finally the guy has some power, and we will finally know whether he is good or bad. I want to know what he wants with Sookie. Hopefully, we will find out what his real intentions are. 

I am proud Jason became a deputy. He is finally making something of himself and doing something he can be proud of. He is finally doing the good he has wanted to do for two seasons. 

Tara, well that just threw me for a loop and I had to say whoo-hoo. She's a fighter now? Im sorry but ok. I could see the lesbian bit coming, but the fighting, ultimate fighting. WTF?! Oi vey. Is she gonna become some super Buffy Vampire Slayer? I dunno. I guess she's getting all her anger out now. 

I dont like the LaFayette story line. Im sorry but I dont believe in messing with magic and the occult. So this story line doesn't really appeal to me. However, there is a flaw in their story line. If they are summoning all this power, all this dark stuff, wont they bring back (summon) that demon lady from season 2? She herself said she showed up when people invoked on darkness. They really only killed her human form, but she was a demon. So yeah. Anyway, I dunno if the author of the books thought of that. I never read them. 

Lemme just say that Arlenne's baby is CREEPY!!! 

Well, it was glaringly obvious and I hope it was obvious to you to. I knew Eric had bought the house. However, I didn't think that made Sookie his? I have to see episode 2. I just know that that would give him rights to the house and he would be able to enter whenever he wanted. If she were smart all she would have to do is move. But Sookie is far from smart. Ok Ill give her the not eating the fruit thing. But mostly she is not smart. 

Oh yeah, ERIC IS EFFING HOT!!! Yes he is the reason I watch the show. Can't wait til he gets naked!!! 

Overall I liked the episode. It was pretty predictable. But hey I am a sucker for vamps. Just a lil bummed about things mentioned above.

<3 Holly

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