Thursday, May 05, 2011


In case you wanted to know, my favorite brand of polish is Zoya. I love the bottles. I love the wear. I love the colors. In order from L to R: South Beach Ice, Hope, Starla. These were my three freebies from the freebie promo Zoya had. The picture below, is a Starla mani. I just heart Starla!!! Two coats, btw. 

Disclaimer: A lot of the times my nails are messy. LOL. I have shakey hands. It's hard to get a perfect mani. :D

<3 Holly.



Kari said...

I missed out on being your first follower (damn you, Traci, lol) so I at least want to post your first comment. :P Love you and glad you've decided to give nail blogging a shot. I don't have many followers, nor do I ever expect to, but it's been loads of fun and a stress-reliever, which I know you need as much as I do. Love youuuuu! <3

HollgyG222 said...

LOL i picked that out in the freebie promo i didnt know they were going to discontinue it lol