Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoya Exchange Promo Arrives!

The last thing my mother bought me before she died were my Zoya polishes from their Exchange promo. They arrived about three days after she died. My mother loved looking at my nails, always wondering what color I would paint for that day. She thought Zoya had beautiful colors. I am almost afraid to use my Zoya's because I dont want to lose that last bit of what she gave to me. It really sucks that she isn't here so I can show her how awesome these colors are. 

(My Zoya Exchange Goodies)

(My 6 ladies in their nifty Zoya box.)

 My Zoya's came packaged in a really cool box that held all six. I dunno but I just really love Zoya's bottles. Classy ladies.
 (Zoya Phoebe (matte collection))

 Phoebe will be the first matte I have ever tried, and I am pretty excited. The sample swatches that were sent with the polishes look pretty darn awesome on the acrylic plates, so they ccan only look even better on a person.

(Charla, Phoebe, Tangy, Bela, Happi, Evangeline)

Last but not least there are all 6 of my new ladies out for a picture. The camera can't capture how amazing these colors are. I have never bought a green, but Tangy just seemed to say BUY ME, and well, I had to have her. I tried Evangeline on one nail. She was breathtaking. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but worth the risk.

<3 Holly


Ngelic said...

Awws, I know that feeling. If I was in your shoes I probably would wear them only once and then put them somewhere safe towear on only very special occassions. *hugs*

I love the colours that she picked for your, they are gorgeous :)

HollgyG222 said...

Thanks :D I think these just might be special occasion colors. :D

Kari said...

I think it's more than appropriate that one of the colors in that set is Happi because I'm sure that is what she wishes for you to be, always. Love you! <3