Monday, May 16, 2011

A little ball of Yummyness

On a completely un-polish-related note, has anyone tried EOS'  products? Well I can officially say that I have. Let me just say, I AM IN LOVE!!! I have been looking for this little ball of lip balm for weeks, and finally found it for 2.50 at Wal-Mart. It surprised me right at the check out, on the side with all the last minute stuff they try to sell you, and boy did I do a little dance when the flavor I wanted was one of three left. The flavor pictured below is Honeysuckle Honeydo. Let me just tell you, I opened this baby up and the smell was mouth watering!!! I just wanted to eat it up. It feels so yummy on my lips. Although I am not going to lie, it does look like a mini vibrator type toy. LOL. Like it should be vibrating or something. Other than that, it is super duper awesome!!!
I also found, when buying my razors, the EOS shaving cream. I bought the pomegranate raspberry and have used it. It has a yummy smell too and goes on smooth, isnt too foamy, and kept my leg from hurting when I shaved. So I am definitely a new EOS convert.

Wanna know more? Go to their official web site: EOS

<3 Holly


Amber from Rainbows&Sparkles said...

I got some of this today at Ulta... I got the red one. It's AMAZING!! I thought nothing could steal me away from Burts Bees.... But this stuff rocks!

Spin said...

Ohhhh! I LOVE these they are so wonderful. Also for $2.50 is great, I'm liking it better than the lip balms I buy at sephora for like $1.
LOL I neve noticed that it does look like a vibrator toy. O.O Hopefully people won't get the wrong idea if you whip this out in public! Haha
I'm gonna check out the shaving cream! Thanks !

paintedbluestars said...

I had one of the lip balms and LOST IT!!! ugh so sad! I need to go get another one as I loved mine so much

HollgyG222 said...

Yeah see these are awesome!!! :D
@paintedbluestars NOOOOO!!! you must buy another one!!!

Samarium's Swatches said...

I have the same one! I love it, and it is easy to use on a toddler too lol just a quick swipe and I get both my daughters lippies with it which is nice, less time for her to try to eat my chapstick!